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Editorial: Summer 2018

Editorial: Summer 2018

    Dear Readers, A lovely little remedy to take note of and to remember for those cases where patients appear with this specific symptomatology: Ferula Sumbul It is a remedy for neuralgic affections and functional cardiac disorders, that has properties that are indicated for the reduction of sclerotic deposits in the arteries. The individual has … Continue reading

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THE DIRECTORY – Connecting patients and practitioners!

THE DIRECTORY - Connecting patients and practitioners!

THE DIRECTORY - Connecting patients and practitioners!

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Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy

Attention!: Clever H. - Announcements

Announcement HWC: Remembering Debby – Tribute on the ‘Health Inn Show’

    Dear members, friends, practitioners of the HWC (Homeopathy World Community) Family,   In tribute to Debby Bruck we will be broadcasting her Health Inn Show live on June 18, 2018, Monday 11 – 12:30 PM – EST.  You will be able to share your memories and thoughts in the live chat and on Skype […]

Certificate Course in Homeopathic Oncology- Homeopathy in Cancer

Dr Batras Academy Presents: Certificate Course in Homeopathic Oncology The course will start from 7th February 2018 at 2.30pm and will be in form of 6 lectures conducted over 3 months and the participants will be given a certificate of hours of participation from Dr Batra’s Academy. The lectures will be conducted at the academy […]

Merry Christmas!

      Dear readers, authors and friends,  The time of rejoicing with the family, spending time together, meeting friends, and being merry is upon us. Hopefully you will be able to spend this time with your loved ones in peace and unity! Extending wishes of happiness, joy, and laughter! A big thank you to the […]

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The remarkable health care properties of advanced homeopathic DNA remedies.

The remarkable health care properties of advanced homeopathic DNA remedies.

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NEW IN THE NEWS !!: News on Homeopathy

Status of CAM therapies to be placed on par with Conv. Med. in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Homeopathy, phytomedicine, anthroposophic medicine, traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture are to receive the same status as conventional medicine, when it comes to the reimbursement of health care costs . The  local mandatory health-insurance provider of Switzerland will continue to cover the expenses of these 5 CAM therapies. Initially, since 2012, the payment of these health care […]

State approval of alternative and traditional healthcare practices in Qatar

  “The practice of alternative forms of medical treatment like Hijama, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Acupuncture has been officially approved by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP).”   From ‘Gulf Times’, dated 09. January 2016 at:

Industry sees increasing demand for homeopathic and anthroposophic medicine in the EU

In its recent report, appraising data from European member states on the use of anthroposophic and homeopathic medicine, ECHAMPS (European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products) has pointed out that there is “significant to high and growing demand for these products in at least two thirds of EU Member States, including those both with […]

Talk ‘n Discuss: Talk 'n discuss

What injuries improve the most as a result of homeopathic treatment?

What injuries improve the most as a result of homeopathic treatment?

  Question asked in a ‘Homeopaths only’ group on social media:  What injuries improve the most as a result of homeopathic treatment? The outcomes are non-representative! Participants were able to tick one or more boxes.   The results enabled derivation of the following data (in %): The general response showed highest impact measures of homeopathic […]

Case-taking ‘at a distance’– what percentage of consultations do homeopaths take via VOIP?

Case-taking ‘at a distance’– what percentage of consultations do homeopaths take via VOIP?

    Does it do the patients treatment and the homeopathic case-taking justice to see patients via VOIP systems, such as Skype, without seeing and meeting the patient face-to-face? A non-representative survey conducted on a social networking site, brought forth the following considerations: Question asked: Do you offer to take cases via skype or other […]


Introducing our CLEVER H. authors: DR. FAROKH J. MASTER

DR. FAROKH J. MASTER Consultant: Homoeopathic Health Center Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center King Edward Memorial Hospital Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Hospital Ruby Hall, Pune Bai Jerbai Wadia Children’s Hospital Nowrosjee Wadia Woman’s Hospital Bomanjee Petit Parsi General Hospital Motiwala Homeopathic Medical College Cancer Department, Nashik   Dr. Farokh J. Master wrote for the Summer […]

Introducing our CLEVER H. authors: DR. A.U. RAMAKRISHNAN

Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan has worked diligently to extend the benefits of homeopathy to all walks of life. He has medically treated and offered educational consultation to thousands of people in India, Europe, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore and America. Dr. Ramakrishnan is the author of A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer. Education M.B.B.S. Madras Medical College; M.F. Horn. […]

Introducing our CLEVER H. authors: Irene Schwens

Irene Schwens, C.Tran., DHMHS,  is the founder and owner of K-W Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Clinic, located in Kitchener, Ontario.  She is a registered homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, and holds memberships at the Ontario Homeopathic Association (OHA), the National Centre for Homeopathy (NCH), Homeopaths without Borders (HTSF), and the International Iridology […]

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