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Editorial – Winter 2019

Editorial – Winter 2019

    Dear Readers,     In the biblical story, the three kings brought offering to the new born Jesus; gold, myrrh and frankincense. Interwoven with their religious traditions these three substances were always also considered as medicines. They were precious then, and are increasingly becoming medicinally precious now.           *Holy … Continue reading

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THE DIRECTORY – Connecting patients and practitioners!

THE DIRECTORY - Connecting patients and practitioners!

THE DIRECTORY - Connecting patients and practitioners!

HWC – Homeopathy World Community

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HWC Webinar: Homeopathy and its scope in managing HIV/AIDS

HWC Webinar: Homeopathy and its scope in managing HIV/AIDS

Are we heading for a break through in the treatment of HIVS/AIDS with homeopathy? Learn more with Dr. Praveen Kumar from India.     Prof. Dr.S.Praveen Kumar , a renowned national and international speaker, is well known to the Homoeopathy fraternity for his academic and clinical contributions. He is former principal, Jaisoorya Govt. Homoeopathy Medical […]

FREE Health Inn Show: Glyphosate Toxicity Compounding Disease Pathways by Kate Birch

  This is a FREE event, however: This HEALTH INN SHOW has been ACHENA approved. By buying a ticket to this event you are elegible for CPD credits. (If you do not want credits, you do not have to register, but can attend the event on the day here. ( EXISTING HWC MEMBERS: CPD credits for […]

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KARVAAN Retreat: 3- day residential program

As homeopaths and healers we strive to bring holistic health to our clients. While we consult in our clinics and homeopathic dose does it’s magic, in the many years of their practice Drs. Preety Shah and Prajakta Vaidya observed that it is imperative that clients also walk their share of steps on their well-being journey. […]

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