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Spring 2021 – ‘Love’ remedies – cases & stories that warm the heart

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Rose quartz – the essence of love

Rose quartz, has always been associated with the theme of love, in one way or another. It has even been referred to as the stone of universal love, and has been likened to a symbol of beauty, gentility and peace, to harmony and balance, the heart and healing. It is a stone said to balance … Continue reading

Editorial – Spring 2021

Dear Readers, Easter is around the corner and who would have thought that across the world many families can still not meet or hug their loved ones. The current times are depriving so many, and have for some time deprived practically all of us, of familial connection, interaction, warmth and love. We have to stay … Continue reading

Is thy name Love?

    Abstract: Love is perceived differently in both genders and it’s a cliché that women seek emotional support and men seek physical satisfaction. But by middle age both male and female who are in the same age group, have great hormonal turmoil and as a rule display their love and emotional needs as well as … Continue reading

What Are You Looking At? – The Art of Reading Faces

    What do you see when you look at a face? When was the last time you really looked? Most of the time the majority of people tend to experience attraction, neutrality, or on occasion dislike. We register faces is approximately 1/17th of a second and research shows we form impressions of others in … Continue reading


  First of all I would like to thank you CleverH for choosing such beautiful theme. Love is an eternal part of Universe. Human being as well animal too has this emotion.In India we worship Lord Krishna as a God of Love! Life without love is like food without salt. We all somewhere need different … Continue reading


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