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Editorial – Summer 2020

Dear Reader,   I could hardly believe it today, when I heard from an elderly gentleman, with whom I am only loosely aquainted with, that he had not spoken to anyone in over 60 days of his corona isolation…Is this not terrible?     When you see him in the street, there is always someone … Continue reading

A case of early menopause & infertility

The below case is rare case of a 32 yrs old female with premature menopause leading to secondary infertility. The patient and the husband were treated with homeopathy. The patient started having regular menses immediately after starting treatment. She conceived thrice with the homeopathic treatment and had two beautiful healthy babies post the treatment.   … Continue reading

A man’s fertility case

    When it comes to fertility, Men are 50% of the equation. This however is often overlooked by mainstream medical professionals, although this is slowly starting to change.   I always make a point of saying to the woman sat in front of me that her partner is 50% of their fertility, and therefore … Continue reading

Folliculinum and Female Hormonal Imbalances

    Hormones play a major role in the cellular functions inside the body. Hormones must maintain a healthy balance for optimum functioning of all body systems. Even the slightest disruption in hormone balance can have major consequences to the body. Hormonal imbalance causes the body to deviate from its natural homeostasis and cause many … Continue reading

Why can’t I conceive? 5 Homeopathic Solutions To Improve Fertility

          Why can’t I conceive? 5 Homeopathic Solutions To Improve Fertility     When couples start trying for a baby, whether it’s their first child, or they are extending their family, there is an expectation that it should happen in the first few months. We are designed to procreate, so it … Continue reading

Your Guide To Yoni Massage

        I am a 50 something woman. Professional homeopath, single woman, advocate for healthy Yonis everywhere. I support you being in, and loving your sensual body.  I do because wisdom resides in her. Our bodies have so much to teach us if we’d only listen…   Several years ago I was inspired … Continue reading

Ode To Sepia

    I don’t know about you and your practice, but I’d like to pay homage to Sepia as being a respite and a reviver to many a woman in her hormonal and sexual wellbeing. Heck, I’ve experienced it first hand throughout my own hormonal journey. The first time I took it I was a … Continue reading

Homeopathic approach to handle sexuality, fertility and hormones.

Let us discuss two case studies.   A case of Suppressed sexuality with suicidal disposition-solved with Homeopathy.   Case study- A 38 years old lady visited me with her husband in August 2017. Chief complaints were- extreme irritability, paranoid thoughts, selective mutism and attempted suicide for 2 times.   Her husband said-‘ I gave her … Continue reading


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