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Spring 2021 - 'Love' remedies - cases & stories that warm the heart, Summer 2020 - Sexuality, Fertility & Hormones

Editorial – Spring 2021

Editorial – Spring 2021

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Dear Readers,

Easter is around the corner and who would have thought that across the world many families can still not meet or hug their loved ones.

The current times are depriving so many, and have for some time deprived practically all of us, of familial connection, interaction, warmth and love. We have to stay apart, at least 1.5 m, have to hide our faces and we cannot touch. We are living in a world deprived of very important emotional sensations, facial expressions, caring caresses and warm embraces. It is so very sad and painful.

In this ‘sterile’ state, and without many of us really noticing, what we say and how we say it has, attained a new value.

Without doubt, we all shout ‘Love you’ across the garden fence when we visit our ‘Nan’ to exchange ‘at a distance’, or blow a kiss through the face-mask as we go, but, do we say different, more meaningful words, to one another, now that we largely only have the spoken word to communicate?

When did you last really think about what you were going to say?..I mean really carefully select your words? What increased meaning is there in the ‘air-kiss’ blown towards another and the ‘love ya’ voiced across the garden gate?

When you tell a passing loved one that you love them, these words have such tremendous weight and meaning, they are heartfelt, pain laced and meaningful, to both the person extending and the other receiving these words. And in these bizarre times?

It is so important, particularly now, to make sure the words we extend to the living are equally as meaningful. The pain, in the current time may be temporary, the words without doubt worthy of the same feelings at heart, and they are even more important now as they cannot accompany the caring embrace and heartfelt gesture.

It is heartbreaking to think that many passed over the rainbow during this pandemic with no one by their side, and that many now have to struggle to come to terms with having been deprived of the departing hug.

So say it heartfelt, with meaning, one never knows what lies ahead…

In this Spring issue of Clever H., the articles all look at ‘love’, from a homeopathic practice- and case-perspective, of course. I hope you find them interesting to read.

Have a lovely spring and take care of your words,… they may mean the world to someone and may make somebody’s day in our disrupted and disturbed world.

In love and light



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