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Benefits of Studying Real Classical Homeopathy

The following is an article taken from a lecture given by Prof. George Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece in August 2021. There are different ways of applying homeopathy, but Hahnemann taught only one way. It is obvious he knew better than anybody else how to apply it correctly: one … Continue reading

Following the human needs instead of the materia medica symptoms

To my detriment I was singled out for being too different and subsequently a number of psychiatric admissions followed 10 years ago. This helped me to better understand the needs of the most vulnerable and socially excluded. I found out the hard way that psychiatry medicalises our social problems and has a place in our … Continue reading


A 30 years woman from Qatar consulted for Secondary Infertility with AMH <0.01 on 10 May 2018. In her first pregnancy, abortion induced in the 3rd month of gestation as fetus died in uterus (IUD). During her second pregnancy, she had spontaneous miscarriage in the second month. The patient has a fear that she will … Continue reading

There is ‘no scientific proof’ …homeopathic designation removed!

Bremen – The additional designation “homeopathy” for German medics is deleted from the (model) further education regulations (MWBO). The 126th German Doctors’ Congress decided on a corresponding application a few days ago with a clear majority. There were only few dissenting votes, the announced on Thursday, 26. Of Mai 2022. The German doctor’s institute … Continue reading

Kavi’s Eye

The healing story about Kavi’s eye, a Maincoon cat, is representing six main issues careholders and non-approved practitioners and animal homeopaths, in Germany are confronted with since January 2022, when the new Medcine-act, TAMG, for all animals came into force, no matter if pets or lifestock are concerned: Animals where conventional vets conclude that the … Continue reading

Cell Salts – sitting between the paradigms

Evolution within established systems has in the past not only instigated thought and novel beliefs, but has lead to the creation of pioneering ideas, which have not seldom given birth to innovative concepts and groundbreaking changes in the perception of and attitude to life. The most significant overhaul of a long established order, of our … Continue reading

An Obstacle To Cure – Environmental EMR

What is Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)? Mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi routers, antennas, smart meters, and a seemingly endless list of wireless devices and household appliances are designed to emit EMR, also called microwave radiation.  There were no pre-market trials of these goods to evaluate their safety when in use, and the effect of the radiation … Continue reading

CARECLIN – A Homeopathic Specialty Clinic

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