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Mid-Winter 2018 – Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems

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A word from the Editor – Mid-Winter Issue 2018 – ‘Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems’

      Dear Readers,   Amyl nitrosum is a little remedy that has a somewhat restricted action radius. It’s main focus is on a very specific symptomatology of the heart. Nonetheless, if it is indicated it is of greatest value to a patient.   I came to prescribe this remedy for a patient who … Continue reading

The Four Key Words for 2018

At the end of every year, I like to peer ahead in time and feel into what is to come. As I have said many times before: I am not a psychic. Or a seer. I cannot predict the fall of Rome or whether or not the fields will be overrun with locusts this summer. … Continue reading

Cadmium Sulphuratum – a remedy for relief of Bell’s Palsy

          Abstract: case of a patient with facial paralysis from the cold. Diagnosis Bell’s Palsy. Cadmium sulphuricum gave a rapid cure. Confirmed symptoms for the Cadmium are: paralysis, nerve problems.   Patient Male acute problem. Born 23 Apr 52, seen 7 Feb 85. A planning surveyor in public utility property department. … Continue reading

Statin Drugs, CoQ10 and Vitamin D

What you need to know and why   One of the most commonly prescribed drugs for adults is a drug from the Statin class; these drugs are intended to lower cholesterol in an effort to decrease the risk of developing a heart attack.   Look around you at your co-workers, family members, friends, or even … Continue reading

The case of a woman with stiffness in the back

18.11.17 This is a woman I treat since 3 years and have prescribed many remedies for. She came with vertigo and it disappeared. Also, I gave her Gelsemium as an acute with success, but the main state still was there and now something very interesting and unexpected for me happened. She started with:     … Continue reading

Strengthening Your Cardiovascular System

Natural Remedies to keep you strong and healthy throughout the Summer Summer is the nicest time of the year for many of us. We can finally get rid of sweaters and jackets, take off those socks, put our feet in some light sandals and show them to the sun. But not all people can tolerate … Continue reading



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