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A 30 years woman from Qatar consulted for Secondary Infertility with AMH <0.01 on 10 May 2018. In her first pregnancy, abortion induced in the 3rd month of gestation as fetus died in uterus (IUD). During her second pregnancy, she had spontaneous miscarriage in the second month. The patient has a fear that she will lose her child again in uterus; but still she wanted pregnancy. Her gynecologist suggested that she should adopt a child, as she will not be able to become pregnant with low levels of AMH. No significant abnormality found in her menstrual cycle.

Analysis and evaluation

I could observe two PQRS in this case-frequent abortion in early months of pregnancy and fear of death of baby in uterus.


MIND – FEAR – baby will die in utero

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – ABORTION – month – early months


Viburnum opulus 200 CH one aqua dose given on 10 May 2018 according to totality of symptoms.

Follow ups

In such cases, patient may not tell you the changes. A homeopath must move on according to miasmatic background and totality of the case.

Aurum muriaticum natronatum 200 CH one dose given after 2 months on 12 July 2018 to cover the syphilitic background. After that, Viburnum opulus 200 repeated in September 2018, as required by the symptomology.

Within 7 months of treatment, on 14 November 2018, her investigations revealed the levels of AMH as 1.89.

Result: With the time, she successfully delivered a female child.

I helped her with vomiting issue during pregnancy with Symphoricarpus racemosa and constipation with Nux vomica.

After her labor, I felt my work is done.

But chapter was not closed here.

Two months after delivery, She came to India,at her mother’s place.

She booked my appointment and came to the clinic two hours before her appointment; constantly troubling the staff by asking when she could go inside; when asked to sit and wait, she sat, but within 5 minutes she was again at the reception. Finally, when she could enter the chamber, she even did not sit and started talking about her complaint. She said, “Doctor, I delivered a child 2 months back; but I have little breast milk; my child will suffer from major disorders as he won’t get breast milk. It is important for his immunity.

Till now, you solved my all troubles.Hence I wanted to meet you as soon as possible.”

I asked about other complaints. She said, my menses are extremely painful. I have leucorrhea, leg cramps and fungus in the nail.

I knew that she had primary infertility for five years.

When I gathered all mental and physical totality, I prescribed her Carum Carvi 1M aqua dose once a day for 15 days.

This remedy belonging to family Apiaceae, completely cured the case within a month.

Clinical tip: A well-taken case is 50% work done! If you are not a good homeopath but you record the case in proper way, you could easily achieve the success. While handling the cases of infertility with low AMH, the constitutional remedy is a better choice. To address the issue of milk retardation, I usually consider the present symptomatology and intensity of explanation.

Dr. Kavita Chandak



Dr. Kavita Chandak (BHMS, PGNIH, PG (HOM) London MD (HOM), PHD France), achieved first merit position in homeopathy in 1998, honored by two Golden Book Of World Records for treating kidney disorders and success in a case of mucormycosis. She is an author, international trainer, speaker and promoter of homeopathy, practicing since 1999. She specializes in autism, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, addiction, infertility, allergic disorders, kidney disease and cancer. She is on the board of directors for the Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association and is an advisory board member for the Turkiye Klinikleri Journal in Istanbul.She is scientific committee member at Duzce university,Turkey and LMHI 2022. Dr. Chandak is associated with P.D. Jain HMC (Parbhani) and she is PG Guide at Nashik University. A speaker at many national and international seminars and conferences, Dr. Chandak will be speaking at the International Congress of homeopathy in New Zealand and Latvia in 2022. She has written six books and 294 articles and teaches several online courses, including How to Master Psychiatry with Homeopathy, Womanhood – A Power Pack of Homeopathic Solutions in all Disorders including Cancer, as well Homeopathy and Autism – In and Out. For her socio-medical contribution, she received various prestigious awards including the recent Excellence in Homeopathy award from




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