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Editorial – Winter 2019

    Dear Readers,     In the biblical story, the three kings brought offering to the new born Jesus; gold, myrrh and frankincense. Interwoven with their religious traditions these three substances were always also considered as medicines. They were precious then, and are increasingly becoming medicinally precious now.           *Holy … Continue reading

The Origins of Kent’s Homeopathy

Pull Quote: Although there are not sharply opposing ‘camps’ or ‘schools’, one ‘spiritual’ and the other ‘scientific’, there is certainly evidence of controversy about the nature and significance of the esoteric in homeopathy. Originally published in the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy: Vol. 77, No 4, 1984 and presented at a meeting of … Continue reading


Why Breastfeeding Can Prevent Most Childhood Allergies   I am forever indebted to the legendary naturopathic doctor, John Bastyr. As are, indirectly, many of my patients over the past 35 years. As a child I remember being allergic to chocolate. At that time my mother did the best she knew at the time—to give me … Continue reading

Hold your horses: A Case of Hypothyroidism

A 33 years old male patient came to us with the complaints of Hypothyroidism. His TSH when he came to us was 90! He was on very high doses of Levothyroxine. His complaints started one day suddenly when he was playing his cricket. A sudden weakness and pain in legs incapacitated him and he had to … Continue reading


      I had a very classical training in homeopathy. The kind of ‘only one remedy is allowed’, ‘wait to repeat the remedy’ and ‘prescribe only on the totality’ training. So, when I first read of the Banerji Protocols years ago, they did not make much sense to me. Prescribing remedies for illnesses, fixed … Continue reading


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