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Mid-Summer 2021 – Family Remedies & Remedy Families

Editorial Mid-Summer 2021 A CASE OF SKIN HYPERESTHESIA

FERRUM GROUP: STUDY OF IRON IN HOMEOPATHY Homeopathic Remedy- An invisible family member! A differential comparison of the Magnesium remedies

Summer 2021 – Fear, Anxiety, Guilt & Hate

Editorial – Summer 2021 A case of chronic depression Fear and anxiety during the pandemic: an investigation of fear and anxiety rubrics in seven remedies ‘Hey Mathematics – you are my weak point!’ Fear, anxiety – Alopecia- homeopathic rescue A CASE OF GUILT The threefold approach to homeopathy and social inclusion Task, Insecurity & Precision=Cobaltum ‘Sharing knowledge is the necessity of time’

Spring 2021 – Love-remedies, cases and stories that warm the heart

Editorial – Spring 2021 Rose quartz – the essence of love Is thy name love? What Are You Looking At? – The Art of Reading Faces HOMEOPATHY- REBUILT A BOND OF LOVE

Mid-Winter 2020 – A new lease of life

Editorial – Mid-Winter 2021 Socially distanced sports…golf or tennis anyone? Beware of injury A Case of Psoriasis Treated with Homeopathy Suicidal attempts caused by allergic rhinitis Why to die before death? – A case of successful recovery in an elderly long distance unseen patient!

Winter 2020 – Miasms – Influence, character and case resolution

Editorial- Winter 2020 How the Miasms evolve in Human being- A systematic overlook Understanding the rare used medicine “ASAFOETIDA” PSORA – THE MOTHER OF ALL CHRONIC DISEASES What is Astrology?

Autumn 2020 – Miscellaneous

Editorial – Autumn 2020

Similpuncture – Homeopathy to the point


A Case study of Paranoid Schizophrenia: Homeopathy is saviour!!


Homeopathy for Psoriasis

Mid-Summer 2020 – Child-birth, Children & Parents

Editorial – Mid-Summer 2020

A bowel nosode for eczema? Yes!

A Case of Placenta: ‘I have lost my tether’

Short Brief about Homeopathy in Afghanistan

Let us solve ADHD with Homeopathy

Summer 2020 – Sexuality, Fertility & Hormones

Editorial – Summer 2020 Homeopathic approach to handle sexuality, fertility and hormones. Ode To Sepia Your Guide To Yoni Massage Why can’t I conceive? 5 Homeopathic Solutions To Improve Fertility Folliculinum and Female Hormonal Imbalances A man’s fertility case A case of early menopause & infertility

Spring 2020 – Emotions, Stress, Trauma

SPECIAL: EVALUATION OF COVID 19 SYMPTOMS, IT’S STAGES AND DISCUSSION OF HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES IN PRE INFECTIVE AND INFECTIVE PHASES. Editorial – Spring 2020 An invitation to join: ‘Get well with Homeopathy’ for Homeopathy Awareness Week Trauma – The role of Homeopathy in treating Trauma A short, concise case of fibroid successfully treated with homeopathy Some Hot Topics of day to day Practice and their Therapeutics: An Insight, a Perspective: ADOLESCENTS & THE ROLE OF FAMILY & FRIENDS IN ERADICATING THIS SOCIAL EVIL DRUG ADDICTION.

Mid-Winter 2020 – ‘Stomach & Bowel Complaints’

Editorial: Mid-Winter 2020 IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME ( IBS ) and its homeopathic treatment ‘It’s not your heart, its your digestion’ – the Roemheld syndrome REVIEW of ‘DISEASES OF SKIN WITH HOMOEOPATHIC MANAGEMENT’ Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention Practice essentials for few commonly met Injuries in Daily Life Piles – a minor symptom to a greater picture and the homeopathic treatment A Case of Upper-Abdominal Pain in a Man of 24

Winter 2019 – ‘Bones, Joints & Muscles’

Editorial – Winter 2019 The Origins of Kent’s Homeopathy ECZEMA FROM BIRTH: WHY HOMEOPATHY IS THE BEST SOLUTION Hold your horses: A Case of Hypothyroidism THE BANERJI PROTOCOLS: SOME PHILOSOPHICAL ASPECTS

Autumn 2019 – ‘Miscellaneous’

Editorial: Autumn 2019 STEINER AND THE SIMILLIMUM PCOS & MENORRHAGIA and Homeopathy Matching a Patient’s Homeopathic Remedy to Her Sensitivities to Others’ Behaviors A Case of Platina for Chronic Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris IS ALCOHOL A SOCIAL PRIDE OR DEATH HOLE FOR THE SOCIETY !!! Homeopathy to the rescue – Mosquito and other stings

Mid-Summer 2019 – ‘Integrative Practice-teaming up with Conv.Med. or other CAM’

Editorial: Mid-Summer 2019 Managing Drug Side Effects with Homeopathy Anthroposophy – an integrative, conventional medicinal concept ADDICTION? WHY IT IS INCREASING LIKE A FIRE ? THE ROLE OF HOMEOPATHY IN DRUG DEPENDENCY. A case of Psoriasis! The importance of the PQRS (peculiar, quick, rare, strange) symptoms Homeopathy for Anorexia nervosa

Summer 2019 – ‘From Binge to Bulimia & other eating disorders’

Editorial: Summer 2019 A Case of Anorexia Changes underway at ‘Homeopathy World Community’ Pica, are there homeopathic remedies to match? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – A fight with oneself!! The Role of Homoeopathy. The importance of Homeopathy in maintaining Womans health during Menopause

Spring 2019 – ‘Mouth, Throat, Bronchii, Lungs’

Editorial: Spring 2019 Spring-allergies The virus that crossed species Life-long cystitis and homeopathic medicine A homeopathic tarot deck The homeopathic approach to tooth decay

Mid-Winter 2019 – ‘Peri-, Meno-, & Post- pause’

Editorial: Mid-Winter 2019

Surviving Menopause

Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

Menopause – the mid-life hormonal roller-coaster

Agnus castus – a remedy easing through peri-menopause

Homeopathy to ‘up’ the mood during the transition

Winter 2018 – ‘Aging Gracefully with Homeopathy’

Editorial: Winter 2018 Musings from The Path from One Journey-er to Another An Emotional Side of Erectile Dysfunction The Anti-aging of homeopathic cell salts Everybody knows that children and old people have more colds and can catch a flu more easily Centella Asiatica – a plant way to anti-age

Autumn 2018 – ‘Arthritis, Gout & Rheumatism’

Editorial: Autumn 2018

Homeopathic help for arthritis ?

What do you do when the heart is heavy and the “show” must go on?

Gout, and the role of uric acid levels

Is it Arthritis or Rheumatism?

Can Homeopathy Help with Arthritis? 

Mid-Summer 2018 – ‘Skin conditions’

Editorial: Mid-summer 2018 Not Everything Is Yours To Do “I’ve never had clear skin before, but now I do.” Homeopathic treatment of skin that transforms and brings healing to an entire family and Practitioner Homeopathy for when the sun burns, the skin screams and the head aches… Vitiligo and Homeopathic Treatment ‘The Power of Water’ – A Thesis

Summer 2018 – ‘Autism’

Editorial – Summer 2018 Ad Memoriam: A Tribute to Debby Bruck (Homeopathy World Community founder) A little bit of sugar – potentised Sugar Cane Autism/ADHD and Vaccines – are we walking a tightrope whilst blindfolded? Sweet Pills for the Little Ones Book review: Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy When Will We Be Willing to Actually Do Something About Autism?

Spring 2018 – ‘Cancer’

Editorial – Spring 2018 Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan: MY EXPERIENCE IN CASE OF BRAIN TUMOR HOMEOPATHIC APPROACH TO A CANCER PATIENT A case of breast cancer supported by Homeopathy A strange Wart Why I Only Work 3 Weeks Each Month

Mid-Winter 2018 – ‘Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems’

A word from the Editor – Mid-Winter Issue 2018 – ‘Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems’ Statin Drugs, CoQ10 and Vitamin D The Four Key Words for 2018  Cadmium Sulphuratum – a remedy for relief of Bell’s Palsy  The case of a woman with stiffness in the back  Strengthening Your Cardiovascular System 

Winter 2017 – Addiction & Cravings

A word from the Editor – Winter 2017 – ‘Addiction and Cravings’ Homeopathic Missions in Honduras, bring homeopathy to the people one case at a time “I used to think that normal was overrated, but I’ll never think that again.” Stop Telling Me To Hustle! A sensations approach to a case of frequent colds Chamomilla – Homeopathic Remedy for Narcotic Withdrawal

Autumn 2017 – Anxiety, Trauma & Depression

A word from the editor – Autumn 2017 – Anxiety, Trauma & Depression Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and Homeopathy  When Your Business Outgrows Its Pot A case of Panic and Anxiety treated with homeopathy Treating PTSD with Homeopathy – a range of potential remedies. Trans-generational trauma and homeopathy 

Mid-summer 2017 – Building Practice 3

A word from the editor – Mid-summer 2017 – Building Practice 3 To niche or not to niche? Book-review of ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy’ – Authored by Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question Thoughts on the ‘How-to’ of attracting clients What’s the plan?

Summer 2017 – Potpourri

A word from the Editor – Summer 2017 – Potpourri Magic Pills, In Search of the Evidence A case of cystitis – antibiotics giving way to homeopathy Homeopathy for Polycystic kidney disease A case of knee pain Embracing Failure for Individual Success The Real Costs of Doing Business

Spring 2017 – See, sight, view, notice

A word from the Editor – Sight, see, view, notice Views and insights by Anja Trinklein on Homeopathy and the Information-portal PROHOM© A case of severe period pain Ansichten und Einsichten von Anja Trinklein über die Homöopathie und das Informationsportal PROHOM© The Three Most Powerful Forces In Business — and how to ensure you’re maximizing them Blepharitis – a homeopathic approach Cataract and Glaucoma – a differential perspective

Mid-Winter 2017 – Women’s health

A word from the Editor – Women’s Health Introducing THE DIRECTORY – Connecting patients and practitioners! Goal Setting: Why It Works and Why It Doesn’t How qualitative and quantitative features of component substances may define the mechanistic pathways of homeopathic remedies. A case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Homeopathy for Morning Sickness

Winter 2016 – Learning Homeopathy

A word from the Editor – Learning Homeopathy A case of Lac Felinum for Chronic Fatigue What Happens at Home Stays at Home (or does it?) Is Arnica Your Default Remedy For Trauma? A Homeopathic Education E-learning – the convenient way to study?

Autumn 2016 – Building practice 2

A word from the Editor – Building Practice 2 How To Create Video To Promote Your Practice How to promote your clinic/hospital for getting more patients? What to do When Business Isn’t All Champagne and Roses Seeing patients via VoIP – a way of building practice? A case of a violent and fearful child restored to calm through homeopathy

Mid – Summer 2016 – Miscellaneous

A word from the Editor – Miscellaneous A case of congenital heart diseases Are You Turning Your Clients OFF With Your Marketing? Blood-letting – the ancient, modern approach – a close up on leech therapy Characteristics of Okoubaka aubrevillei – the tree, the phytotherapeutic, the homeopathic remedy Our ancestors – The witch-hunt – a tale of fantasy!

Summer 2016 – Complementary Approaches

A word from the Editor – Complementary Approaches Autopathy: A Similimum from the Patient Reiki Healing: Universal Life Force Energy – ‘The Divine Spark’ Shivambu – the ancient therapy of golden juice Father Kneipp and his treatment with water BUILDING YOUR HOMEOPATHIC PRACTICE: Three things you must do this summer to boost profits Quotes by Father Sebastian Kneipp

Spring 2016 – Homeopathy for the young

A word from the Editor – Homeopathy for the young

Treating children with homeopathy

Environmental EMR –  An Obstacle To Cure

Some mental states of children and their possible remedies


Mid-winter 2016 – Building Homeopathic Practice

A word from the Editor – Building Homeopathic Practice 

Creating a client attractive website

14 Top Tips For Building Your Homeopathic Practice

How I built my homeopathic practice in 6 months using Facebook-marketing

What it Really Takes to Build a Successful Homeopathic Practice

How to promote your practice with blogging

Creating and Maintaining an Effective Homeopathic Practice.

Winter 2015 – Evidence, Science & Criticism

A word from the Editor – Evidence, Science & Criticism Is the criticism legitimate, and what’s wrong with the evidence? The system ‘Conventional Medicine’ is ailing! Epidemiological studies in homeopathy WATER – a sacred good, or is it just … wet? The homeopathic pathogenic trial and conventional research The implausibility of the Vital Force in the existent medical paradigm An inventor personality – Nicola Tesla

Autumn 2015 – Our ancestral roots

A word from the editor – ‘Our ancestral roots’ Natural Medicine Journeying Folk-healers and their secret art Paracelsus – his influence on medical philosophy and thinking Healing from the Monastic Garden

Mid-summer 2015 – Gaining Control

A word from the editor – ‘Gaining Control’ Candida – A Common Hidden Cause of Eczema Gaining control of stuttering Gaining Control – Angina Pectoris ‘CONTROLLING’ MEASLES Homeopathy For Cough

Summer 2015 – Homeopathic Approaches

A word from the editor – Homeopathic Approaches The remarkable health care properties of advanced homeopathic DNA remedies Spagyric Medicine for the Homeopathic Practitioner Between the paradigms – Wilhelm H. Schüssler, and the tissue salts Diagnosis, potency & prescribing of the Schüssler tissue salts Materia medica of the Schüssler salts – Part 1 Materia Media of the Schüssler salts – Part 2 The Bowel nosodes of Bach & Paterson

Spring 2015 – Homeopathy in Crisis

A word from the editor – Homeopathy in crisis Spreading authoritive information on Homeopathy – the WORLD HOMEOPATHY SUMMIT 2015, and Dr. Rajesh Shah New Hot Developments in the Causes and Cures of Chronic Diseases Homeopathy in India – In the service of many Insight into the state of Homeopathy in Egypt Something’s fishy Homeopathy vs. Cancer Care The Doctor / CAM-practitioner Conflict!

Winter 2014 – Remedies and Provings

A word from the editor – Remedies and Provings An insight into classical homeopathic proving methodology Proving methodology – one proving 3 ways! Part 1: Appraising the snakes – identifying similarities and differences Part 2: Sssnakes of the Snake-kingdom – their homeopathic identity AFRICA SPECIAL: An interview with Jeremy Sherr Bach, Hahnemann and the Rescue remedy

Autumn 2014 – The Therapeutic Relationship

A word from the editor – The therapeutic relationship The Therapeutic Relationship in Context Shhh!!!…facilitating Silence “A picture says more than a thousand words” A patients experience of the therapeutic encounter with a Homeopath Who was Carl Rogers? Touch in the therapeutic encounter Making sense of Empathy – An Attempt

Summer 2014 – SPORTS

A word from the editor Go for Goal! The German Football league relies on homeopathy! Is homoeopathic treatment effective for sports injuries? Explorations from a mixed systematic review! Homoeopathy in the service of Football, Olympics and other sports Enhancing performance – is this possible with homeopathy? Materia medica of common remedies for sports-injuries Some injuries and their remedies


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