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Materia medica of common remedies for sports-injuries

 Materia medica of common remedies for sports-injuries


This remedy is indicated in cases of injury that have been caused by any form of external impact [1] [2]. These can be trauma, bruises, strains and concussion. The sensation of pain of Arnica is as if beaten and bruised. Joints feel as though they are sprained [6]. Strains and Sprains show redness, pain and restricted mobility. There may be swelling and heat of the affected part (also Rhus tox) [3]. Muscles of the neck may feel weak and raw in the back. There may be the feeling of pins and needles in the upper extremities. If the knee is affected there may be tenseness, strain, soreness and swelling. Movement makes the pain worse [4]. Where there has been a violent impact on the brain, if Arnica fails, Cicuta virosa may benefit the patient. In injuries to the chest Arnica in alternation with Aconitum may be serviceable. A great remedy to follow Arnica is Rhus toxicodendron [1]. Laurie [1] suggests a substitution of Arnica by Helianthus anuus in contusion and by Calendula in wounds. In fractures Arnica may be followed by Symphytum and Ruta [1]. The entire body may feel painfully oversensitive, battered. There is a general restlessness. The patient may be fearful and irritable [5]. Arnica is also the primary choice for all muscular injuries [2].

Rhus tox:

This is the principal remedy for strains [2]. Where a muscle has been subjected to violent strain, Rhus tox will reduce pain and restore the muscle tonus. There is pain and tenderness and joints, ligaments and tendons are stiff [2]. If strains cause headaches, or pains are restricted to the extremities and are not relieved by rest or movement Rhus tox may be followed by Calc. carb. [1]. In contusions there may be a boring pain, a sensation of being battered, soreness and lameness [5]. Motion and lying on a hard surface ameliorates [Boericke]. Rhus tox is a specific remedy for all joint injuries [2]. Joints may be hot and swollen; extremities may feel stiff and paralysed. There may be trembling following physical exertion. Strength of fingers and lower arms may be weak [6].


Where a muscular strain is aggravated by slightest of movement of body or extremities Bryonia is indicated [1] [2]. “Any movement of the injured part is worse and all movement increase the discomfort” [2 (p. 54)] Bryonia is a secure aid, yet, if relief is only partial, Sulfur may follow Bryonia [1]. There may be painful stiffness in the neck. Knees may feel stiff and painful. Joints may be swollen, red, and hot with stitching and tearing. Pressure increases pain [6].


Beside Arnica, Silicea is a great remedy for knee injury, where there is pain with swelling and stiffness [1] [5]. There may be trembling and great paralytic weakness in the lower arms. Strength in the legs may be frail. Pain in the knee may be experienced as if “tightly bound” [6 (p. 593)].


Calendula is mainly indicated for incised, punctured or lacerated wounds, yet it is also a great remedy for trauma such as contusion, sprains and injuries where there is no open wound [1].


Its main indication is weakness, yet in particular those resulting from loosing bodily liquids, such as sweating. This weakness may be associated by pallor, pain in the head and the sensation of fainting. The joints and extremities are most affected, with a sensation of spraining. A strong indication is the amelioration of pain by firm pressure, while light pressure disagrees with the patient. There may be swelling and exhaustion that is felt in the joints [6].

Natrium muriaticum:

In this remedy there is exhausted frailty and fatigue. The weakness of extremities is felt principally in the joints [6]. Shooting and tearing sensations in the upper extremities have prickling, and the sensation of pins and needles. The neck and head have tension and stiffness. There may be pains and spasms in all of the lower extremities, and their joints [4]. Back pain requires firm support to be ameliorated. There is great weakness felt in the extremities, but particularly in the knees; numbness and tingling is common in the legs and fingers [6].

Arsenicum album:

A severe, burning pain in the back is characteristic of this remedy if it is extremely violent if touched [4]. The pain, that may also be experienced as a cutting sensation can spread between the shoulder blades that is ameliorated by resting. The smallest strain may cause greatest of prostration, according to Boericke [6]. Cramping, swelling, heaviness and weakness in the extremities are part of this remedy. Arsenicum album is also indicated for cramps in the calves [6].


Vanadium is a carrier of oxygen and a catalyst, according to Boericke [6]. It is also a detoxification remedy and has the potential to increase haemoglobin.

Ferrum metallicum:

The stiffness of Ferrum met is improved by slight motion. There are principally pains of the heel, sole, the tibia and the hip-joint. In the shoulder there may be shooting pains with cracking and heaviness and weakness in the arms. There may be the sensation of stinging and tearing in the upper extremities [6]. Clark [4] mentions frailty in the thighs and knees, swollen feet and joints, and spasms of the lower extremities down to the toes.


Cobaltum has severe ache in all of the back that may be ameliorated by motion and resting against a solid background. Sitting without reclining the back worsens the condition. There is a stitching sensation in the upper, a bruised in the lower limbs. There may be trembling, tingling and the sensation of heat in the lower extremities [4]. There may be weakness in the knees, and pain in the wrist-joints in particular [6].


Its principal action radius is on the tendons and ligaments, particularly where these have been overstretched or even torn. Ruta follows Rhus tox very well, once pain and swelling have been reduced. In affections of the bones, should Ruta not show much effect, it should be followed by Symphytum [2]. There may be stiffness in hands and wrists, pain in bones of feet and ankles. When stretching, thighs become painful. Ruta is also indicated for pain in the Achilles-tendon [6].


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