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Spreading authoritive information on Homeopathy – the WORLD HOMEOPATHY SUMMIT 2015, and Dr. Rajesh Shah

Interview WHS R. ShahSpreading authoritive information on Homeopathy – the WORLD HOMEOPATHY SUMMIT 2015, and Dr. Rajesh Shah



An interview with Dr. Rajesh Shah, about Homeopathy, his work, and the World Homeopathy Summit 2015 to be held 11th-12th of April in Mumbai, India


CLEVER H.: To start of, some information about you…How did you come to homeopathy? What made you want to learn homeopathy and treat patients?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

I think I was programmed to be a doctor ever since I was a boy. My uncle was an herbalist whose work inspired me to pursue natural system of medicine. On completing my high school, I researched on homeopathy and found it to be a perfect fit for making my career.


Treating patients and finding solutions for them is not only my (passion) profession but also my mission. My deep yearning to find out solutions for chronic lingering cases not getting better with long-term homeopathic treatment got me into doing research by introducing new remedies in homeopathy.


Conducting research also satisfies my creativity and ability to innovate. It’s like meditation for me!



CLEVER H.: Where did you learn homeopathic medicine? Since when are you practicing homeopathy?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

I graduated in homeopathy from CMPH Medical College, under Bombay University in 1984 and did masters in 2005. I have been in practice since 1985. Yes, pretty long time! For last 35 years I’ve studied, practiced, taught, promoted, dreamt and breathed homeopathy!



CLEVER H.: You are engaged in the organisation of the World Homeopathy Summit 2015 (WHS), to be held in Mumbai on April 11th– 12th. What called for this summit?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

WHS is my dream coming true. Let me give you some background. Being scientifically oriented, I was a big skeptic of homeopathy myself. I became fully aware of the limitations and gaps in homeopathy science. Also, I got engaged in serious research since 1998. I have realized that homeopathy would find its deserving position only if it’s supported by scientific research.


I observed that many (read most!) homeopaths have blind faith in homeopathy and lack scientific attitude. Also, fortunately, there are scientists who have conducted fundamental research with high dilution medicines and documented its existence as well as the effects.


However, homeopaths, conventional doctors and the common public do not seem to know about such research in homeopathy. As a result, homeopathy’s acceptance is still limited.


World Homeopathy Summit is a step towards filling the gap between the scientific research and the homeopathy profession.

WHS has been designed to bring major research conducted in last 15 years to the profession and the media. This will benefit the homeopaths, other doctors, teachers, scientists, policy makers and all. I personally believe that WHS will change the way people would approach homeopathy.


CLEVER H.: Who initiated this event?



Dr Rajesh Shah:

In fact, WHS is an initiative by Global Homeopathy Foundation, which is formed by a group of committed homeopaths like Dr Eswara Das, Dr Sreevals, Dr Sanghavi, Dr Praveen, myself and others. It’s non-government, non-commercial, non-political organization working purely for the cause of homeopathy. Ms Ela Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter is one of our patrons.


CLEVER H.: This promises to be an outstanding event with many of the contemporary greats of homeopathy confirmed as speakers at the conference…what is the focus, what are the aims and objectives of this summit?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

Yes, it’s unique in a way that over 25 scientist-speakers from varied streams are gathering for the first time on a common platform in India. Interesting, over 80% of them are not homeopaths but pure-scientists from the areas of molecular biology, pharmacology, nuclear physics, chemical and electrical engineering, nanotechnology, virology, veterinary science, agriculture, zoology, etc. They are from 24 different universities; and all of them have spent many years in fundamental research in homeopathy. Isn’t it amazing?

The focus is very simple: to prove to the world that that homeopathy is a science. To enhance the confidence of homeopaths in practice, to encourage conventional doctors to integrate homeopathy in practice, to motivate scientists to conduct much more research, to influence government policy makers and to promote homeopathy benefits to the masses. WHS is a step in that direction.



CLEVER H.: The topics to be discussed are varied. Some insights are expected from which topics?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

In fact, WHS is a bouquet full of diverse topics. Nanotechnologist will demonstrate Nanoparticle in homeopathy dilutions, breaking an age-old myth of homeopathy as energy medicine. Pharmacologist will demonstrate effects of medicines in animal models. Clinical trials will show proven effects of homeopathy for diseases such as HIV, Cancer, atopic disorders, Hemophilia and more. Nuclear physics and electrical engineering will give evidence of measurability of the effects of high dilutions beyond Avogadro’s number. Cell line studies will prove effects of medicine outside of human body. And more.


This conference will help us break our own fixed ideas; and look beyond.



CLEVER H.: The creation of awareness is undoubtedly a focus of such a reputable event. Who, other than the homeopathic community, do you aim to reach?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

As said before, at one go, we intend to reach out to homeopaths, conventional doctors, teachers, scientists, pharmaceuticals, policy makers, media and the masses. WHS is intended to benefit all.


CLEVER H.: What are your hopes that visitors of the event go away with after the summit? What is the vision to be spread?


Dr Rajesh Shah:

I don’t want to sound over-promising, but I personally believe that WHS will change the way homeopathy will be looked at in future. It is likely to change homeopaths’ perception. It will create fresh interest in homeopathy. It may attract scientists to explore unknown aspects of homeopathy science. Homeopathy science, in my opinion, is primitive, calling for exploration. I will be happy if at least 10 scientists undertake some new research projects after WHS.



CLEVER H.: Rajesh, tell us something about your practice. You seem to have a unique practice of treating patients from across the world. How has this happened?



Dr Rajesh Shah:

Well, my practice has evolved over last 30 years. Somehow, patients started coming to me from all over the world, I don’t know why! May be because, many of them got improved with homeopathy and they spread a word. I believe that there is profound scope for homeopathy practice. People world over are looking out for alternatives; and homeopathy is the best alternative to the mainstream medicine, especially in the treatment of chronic and recurring diseases. Getting to treat patients from over 180 countries brings with it high level of responsibility. My involvement in research and developing newer homeopathic medicines is the result of high-expectations by my patients.



CLEVER H.: What is your personal message to the homeopathic community worldwide?



Dr Rajesh Shah:

Due to my involvement in homeopathy as an activist, global doctor, researcher and teacher, I’ve observed that there is profound scope for homeopaths to improve their outlook and every homeopath must have highly scientific outlook. Hahnemann kept himself updated up to the age of 88 years! We got stuck there! We refuse to go beyond what Hahnemann has written. Homeopathy is not religion but science; so let’s learn to practice the science of homeopathy.

Thank you.



CLEVER H.: Thank you for very much your time Dr. Shah!





For details about the World Homeopathy Summit on recent advances in scientific research, and registration please access:


Details about the Global Homeopathy Foundation can be accessed here:




About the author:


R. ShahRajesh is a homeopath, a homeopathy activist (as he calls himself), a scientist, teacher and promoter of homeopathy. He is a pioneer of online medical practice. He is in the Limca book of world records for treating patients from highest number of countries. The count is 180 countries, now! He has not only developed new nosodes such as HIV nosode and Hepatitis C nosode, but also has revamped the method of nosode preparation. His work on animal model research is well-known, where it was proved that homeopathic medicines have anti-inflammatory activity as much as conventional medicine Diclofenac. Rajesh is Organizing Secretary of World Homeopathy Summit in Mumbai, India, which is designed to bring new wave of scientific thinking in homeopathy. More information about him is at and about the conference at


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