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Spring 2015 - Homeopathy in crisis

A word from the editor – Homeopathy in crisis

A word from the editor – Homeopathy in crisis

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the 4th, the Spring Issue 2015, of Clever H. – the Mag!


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In this Issue the focus is on ‘Homeopathy in crisis’! This topic is explored by the featured authors from different angles and situations, as crisis not always, or only, refers to the critic and skeptic attacks that our practice is frequently exposed to. In this issue therefore, the authors are sharing their thoughts, experiences and ideas, and seek to shed some light on a variety of critical states where Homeopathy is struggling, coping or a helpful tool.


As such Christel Lombaerts gives us an insight into the status of homeopathy in Belgium, that has undergone significant change since the implementation of new legislation that restricts who can practice homeopathy in the country.


An interview with Hani Abdel Kader explores the current state of Homeopathy in Egypt since the change in political leadership in the country.


Ann Mourby shares her view on how homeopathy can be of assistance to patients in cancer hospice care.


An extensive piece by Peter Chappell, explores new developments in the understanding of causes and cures of chronic disease and the role of epigenetics.


With the World Homeopathic Summit 2015, taking place in Mumbai, India on April 11th & 12th, we have asked Dr. Rajesh Shah, the Organising Secretary of the event, to give some insight into his thoughts on homeopathy, his work and the summit.


Yours truly, has taken a look at what predisposes the homeopathic treatment approach for the treatment of masses of people, using India as an example; and gives a report of patient experiences of the CAM – Conv. med.- divide, that is painfully obvious where patients disclose their CAM beliefs to their general practitioner.


This diverse array of articles hopefully finds your interest, and you enjoy reading this issue.


The coming issue then, Summer 2015, which will go live June 1st, will feature the topic ‘homeopathic approaches’. There are many different ways of prescribing, and taking cases, and there are different forms of homeopathy. All are approaches to our practice and this next issue seeks to highlight these. Therefore, if you wish to share how you practice, or prescribe remedies, or if you would like to shed some light onto one of the ‘other’ approaches, organopathy, complex prescribing, the lanthanids, nosodes etc., please feel free to submit an article. The deadline is 1st of May 2015.


Other exciting news about ‘the Mag’ is, that as of the ‘Summer 2015’ issue Clever H. will become a bi-monthly journal. Instead of publishing just 4 times a year, Clever H. will have 6 issues. The ‘Summer 2015’ issue, will therefore be followed by a ‘Mid-summer 2015’ issue that will be published on August 1st. The topic featured then, is ‘Our ancestral roots’.(Correction: The topic of the Mid-summer 2015 Issue is: ‘Gaining Control’, The Autumn issue will feature the topic: ‘Our ancestral roots’)


Albeit the fact that homeopathy is not a folk or traditional medical approach, it was born from the variety of healing practices of old. Whether herbalism, shamanism, druidism, the healers and wise men and women of the past have watered the roots of traditional and folk healing practices, and have picked the weeds at the roots that gave rise to the ideas fundamental to our healing art. That issue is designated to those, our historic forefathers, and to our homeopathic greats of old. So, if you wish to write about this topic, why not get an article published here, at Clever H.?!


I hope you enjoy this issue!


Happy reading!





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  1. Thanks. Just to Bru g to your notice that the link to the article did not work. Regards.

    Dr Rajesh Shah, MD Director: Life Force Organising Secretary: Global Homeopathy Foundation

    Think of Homeopathy! Sent from my iPhone


    Posted by Dr Rajesh Shah | 01/03/2015, 5:07 AM

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