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Mid-Winter 2021 – A new lease of life

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2-DAY INTERNATIONAL WEBINARS on HUMAN CHEMISTRY – TON JANSEN ** Thursday 4th – Friday 5th February + Thursday 18th – Friday 19th February 2021**         In these first webinars in our 2021 series, we shall begin with a review of the foundation of the Human Chemistry – Integrated Healing method, from a … Continue reading

Editorial – Mid-Winter 2021

    Dear Readers,   With the new year continuing pretty much like the last ended, I cannot get by without making a topic of the continuing madness happening in the world out there.   I have found, and I am sure that I am not alone with this insight, that this ‘outer’, external pandemic … Continue reading

Socially distanced sports…golf or tennis anyone? Beware of injury

    With the warmer season lying ahead of us in the northern hemisphere, many of us can’t wait to get outdoors, exercise, or practice outdoor sports again. Whether it’s the garden that needs tending to or exercising on the sports field, many of us have probably forgotten that in the winter months, similar to … Continue reading

A Case of Psoriasis Treated with Homeopathy

      Psoriasis is an auto immune disorder. It occurs as a result of a sped-up skin production process. Typically, skin cells grow deep in the skin and gradually rise to the surface; eventually, they fall off upon their life term. People who develop psoriasis, their skin production process tends to occur fast, because … Continue reading

Suicidal attempts caused by allergic rhinitis

Patient is a BHMS FINAL YEAR STUDENT History of surgery of dentigerous cyst and left maxillary sinus in March 18 One year nothing happen to him, from March 19 again started sinus and allergic rhinitis Came to me after reading my cured case article from social media.   Since March 19, he has continued on … Continue reading

Why to die before death? – A case of successful recovery in an elderly long distance unseen patient!

      This case is very near to my heart! It made me believe that Homeopathy is the greatest tool if used intellectually. Distance doesn’t matter if medicine is prescribed after well taken case; sharing my experience of treating major illness in a long distance unseen 92 years old patient…enjoy the article!   A … Continue reading


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