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Summer 2018 – Autism

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Editorial: Summer 2018

    Dear Readers, A lovely little remedy to take note of and to remember for those cases where patients appear with this specific symptomatology: Ferula Sumbul It is a remedy for neuralgic affections and functional cardiac disorders, that has properties that are indicated for the reduction of sclerotic deposits in the arteries. The individual has … Continue reading

Ad Memoriam: A Tribute to Debby Bruck (Homeopathy World Community founder)

    We sadly inform the readers and the contributors of Homeopathy World Community (HWC) that Debby Bruck, the founder and organizer of this great homeopathic portal, took her last breath on May 5, 2018. Her blessed sojourn on this earth was impregnated with the sublime mission to selflessly serve homeopathy, came to a sudden … Continue reading

A little bit of sugar – potentised Sugar Cane

        Sugar in our culture We are a culture addicted to sugar, not only directly in sweets, cakes and chocolates; but also indirectly in many processed foods and drinks.   How often do we use something sweet for comforting a child or our own inner child?   The health implications of our … Continue reading

Autism/ADHD and Vaccines – are we walking a tightrope whilst blindfolded?

We seem to live in a world of ever increasing health challenges, many of which were relatively uncommon or indeed, unheard of just 25 – 30 years ago. For example the levels of asthma in children are dramatically increasing, the same is happening with diabetes type 1 in children under the age of 7 as … Continue reading

Sweet Pills for the Little Ones

      ‘Homeopathy is only for the kids,’ is a common misunderstanding among the public. But there are several reasons for this wrong notion, and hence, many of our clients are pediatric cases. The reason for the parents to choose Homeopathy is not due to the children’s interest to have sweet pills, and also … Continue reading

Book review: Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy

    This book review is reprinted with the permission of the National Center for Homeopathy: E-mail address:   Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky, PhD R.L. Ranch Press: Portola Valley, CA, 2003   Reviewed by Lia Bello, RN, FNP, CCH   This new book is one of the … Continue reading

When Will We Be Willing to Actually Do Something About Autism?

    Each year in the US, April is designated as Autism Awareness Month. And each year the prevalence of autism continues to grow. While the world is certainly more aware of autism, are we really any more willing to face what’s going on and actually do something about it?   The problem of autism … Continue reading


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