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Editorial – Winter 2021 – Emotions

Editorial – Winter 2021 – Emotions

Dear Readers,

As the year closes and another uneasy and disrupting seasons is upon us, my thoughts already advance into the new year that will be arriving soon.

There is not much to hope for in this ‘old’ year, not much that will still be achieved or advanced on, but a glimmer, a spark of hope and positivity comes tightly attached to what the new cycle of months will bring. The nature of the ‘new’ year makes this change natural and recurrent, each and every year, and hence much like we pass through the seasons, the gloomy, dark, quiet, inactive times will be followed by the light, fresh, growth and the renewal of spring.

The holiday season, and particularly the Christmas time, with all the preparations, the aspired unity, love and care, are meant to be times of joy and harmony. The time leading up to Christmas or the New Year is exciting for most that are celebrating the festive days. Be it decorating, baking, planning, prepping, shopping, the happiness of reuniting, the excitement of the specialty of the time, for most, is still something to look forward to and to enjoy.

As a child, the excitement of the season, for me, began with the 1st of December. The day I could open the first door on my advent calendar. For 24 days these little doors would reveal a little surprise, present or sweet.

I don’t think anyone is ever too old for surprises, presents or sweets, so, I have decided that I would like to give the gift of a joyous tradition to you my dear readers.

As of the 1st of December, I will, each day, open one door to the ‘Homeopathic Advent Calendar’. You will find the link to the calendar, taking you to my website where the calendar is posted, below.

By clicking on the ‘Advent Calendar’ image, or on the one on the front page of CLEVER H., you will directly be taken to the calendar. Each day, a homeopathic remedy for a specific health condition will be revealed and on the 6th of December, which is ‘St. Nikolaus’ day, a special treat awaits you.

St. Nikolaus, on the 6th of December, is another tradition, where we children would put an empty shoe in front of the door to the house, for St. Nikolaus to leave a little gift or sweets. If we had been good throughout the year, there would be sweets or a small gift, but, as a reminder to be behaving better, had we not been good throughout the past months, we would get a ‘rod’ instead.

On the 24th of December then, the last door of the Calendar will be opened and the final little gift will be revealed.

I hope you will enjoy sharing this advent tradition with me this year.

I wish you and yours a most harmonious, cordial and joyful Christmas and holiday time. May you find strength in unity, respect and the love amongst your near and dear ones. For the New Year, I wish us all peace, health, abundance, understanding, tolerance and much love!

The next issue goes live February 1st. Until then take care and be blessed.



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