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Some injuries and their remedies

 Some injuries and their remedies

remedy vialsFor contusions where there is a feeling of being battered Arnica is indicated. Yet, where the contusion is followed by an effusion of blood Ledum is the remedy of choice [1].

In muscular pain due to over-straining, falling, violent impact or contusion, Rhus tox is indicated [1].

Injuries to the bone are assisted in their healing by Symphytum [1].

Wound healing is supported by Calendula [1].

In contortion and sprain Arnica is indicated where there is the specific restlessness and a feeling of being battered. When this is of the knee Ruta is indicated. Bellis perennis should be selected where there is effusion of blood. Bellis is indicated in particular where the pelvis has been injured [1].


The overexertion of Rhus tox is mainly of the ligaments and tendons. Warmth and continuous movement improves the condition [1].

Weakness of the ligaments caused by straining or spraining is often relieved by Phos ac. With great sensation of being battered, Sepia is indicated. Great heaviness and clumsiness in motility, tension and an audible sound from the joint means Natrium muriaticum is a great choice. Causticum has pain in the bones and joints and has a great sensitivity against colder temperatures and draft. Weakness of the lower extremities, when walking and standing and audible noise coming from the joint is relieved by Sulfur. The pain of straining paired with restlessness, and heaviness and buckling of the knee means Silicea should be given [1].

Where there is inflammation Arnica is indicated for over-sensitiveness experienced in the entire body, a feeling of being battered, pain, general restlessness, irritability and fear. Ruta has a boring pain, soreness and lameness. Belladonna aids the relief of inflammatory pain [1].

In dislocation and luxation with violent pains, swelling, impaired mobility where the extremity is deformed or altered direction Arnica is indicated, and may be followed by Aconitum to relief pain [2].

In tennis elbow Arnica is indicated, as well as Ruta [3].

Aching pain in the Achilles tendon responds well to Ruta [4].

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