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Autumn 2017 – Anxiety, Trauma & Depression, Finding Balance and Relief

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A word from the Editor – Autumn 2017 -Anxiety, Trauma, Depression

        Dear readers,     The current issue of CLEVER H. is looking at the topic ‘Anxiety, Trauma and Depression’. The featured articles offer insights into some unfortunate states of health and if, what or how homeopathy can help.   The health issues that are investigated in this publication are not the … Continue reading

Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and Homeopathy

We are today at a time that sees a growing incidence of natural catastrophes, global terrorism, ongoing and potentially looming military conflict. The disasters of late and in particular the wars of the recent past have brought to the foreground frequently ignored, and often misinterpreted health issues. Anxiety and trauma disorders are increasingly becoming more … Continue reading

When Your Business Outgrows Its Pot

Ask any successful business owner what things they want as they work towards their business goals and inevitably they will say, “Growth.”   And odds are, when you ask them about that further, they’ll get all glassy-eyed with wonder as they talk about more clients, more money, bigger offices, a larger team, or whatever it … Continue reading

A case of Panic and Anxiety treated with homeopathy

      Anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be so debilitating.  While we can all experience anxiety or feel down at some point in our lives, when it becomes the overriding emotion and it feels like an uphill struggle just to keep going, the impact on our health can be quite damaging.   I … Continue reading

Trans-generational trauma and homeopathy

    In cases with trans-generational trauma, the original, unresolved trauma is carried over from previous generations to the current one. For those coping with this type of trauma it can be confusing to address and understand since the symptoms they are experiencing are not based in their own life history or experiences. I would like to present some of the … Continue reading

Treating PTSD with Homeopathy – a range of potential remedies.

  The symptom complex of PTSD, post-traumatic-stress disorder, exhibits a specific and individualized symptomatology. Homeopathy has a number of remedies at its disposal, with which this particular symptom complex and its individual expression can be treated. Some of the remedies that may be useful in treating PTSD are listed below.   Absinthium: The patient needing … Continue reading


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