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Some mental states of children and their possible remedies

 Some mental states of children and their possible remedies


The fidgety / restless child – “Fidgety Philip”:


Nervous, restless, does not sit still, walks about, touches everything …


Aconitum: Physical and mental restlessness. Great agitation. Acute, sudden. Tossing about.

Agaricus: Jerking, twitching, trembling. Nervous excitement.

Argentum nitricum: Always hurried. Inco-ordination, trembling. Time passes too slowly. Impulsive.

Arsenicum album: Exhaustion & restlessness, irritable weakness.

Belladonna: Acutely alive. Great agitation. Tossing about, especially at night. Lamentation. “Desire to escape”.

Calcium bromatum: Nervous, irritable, flabby children.

Calcium phosphoricum: Nervous, irritable, bright. Displeased, and cranky, needs to move about. Fretful.

Chamomilla: Excessive inquietude & agitation. Unbearable acute yelling, particularly while teething, whining restlessness, wants something but then refuses it.

Coffea: Nervous agitation, nervous excitability. Unusual activity of body and mind. Irritability. Tossing about in anguish.

Cuprum: Restlessness with groaning & desire to escape.

Ferrum phosphoricum: Irritable, sensitive to noise. Unnatural excitement.

Kalium bromatum: Restlessness, mainly of the hands. Child needs to be kept occupied.

Phosphorus: Restless, fidgety.

Sanicula: Wants to be in constant motion, day and night. Restlessness not improved by moving.

Stramonium: Nervousness.

Tarantula: Extreme restlessness.

Zincum: Nervous and exhausted at the same time. Restless arms and legs. Moving about ameliorates. Fidgety feet, twitching, trembling



The cheeky / naughty child –  “Clown”:


Cheeky, alert, agile, naughty….


Abrotanum: Cross, irritable, anxious, annoyed and fearful, peevish. Exhausted and depressed.

Agaricus: Delayed mental development, tendency to have tics. Stubborn, morose. Indifference. Fearlessness

Belladonna: Lamenting, crying, yelling.

Bryonia: Irritable, giddiness. Desire to have things that are then rejected. Inclination to be angry. Irascibility.

Calcium bromatum: Restlessness when sleeping, chubby children.

Calcium hypophosphoricum: Delayed mental and physical development.

Calcium phosphoricum: Laddish / bossy, or shy & frightened.

Cannabis indica: Full of fun and mischief, vivid imagination.

Chamomilla: Impatient, intolerant, spiteful, snappish. Mischievous. Moans when he cannot have something he wants. Grumpy, mischievous, irritable.

Cina: Ill-humored. Wants things, but rejects them.

Hyoscyamus: Unseemly, immodest, hilarity.

Ignatia: Nervous temperament, erratic. Impatience. Morose.

Lycopodium: Grumpy, cannot have opposition. Sensitive to reprimand and criticism. Ambidextrous, cowardly. Headstrong.

Nux vomica: Out of tune, inharmonious actions. Irritable. Stubborn.

Tarantula: Ungrateful, discontented, guided by whims. Sly & malicious, aggressive and destructive.




The aggressive / violent child – “Bully”:


May hit out at others if he does not get his will, disobedient….


Abrotanum: Annoyed, would like to do something cruel.

Aconitum: Raving, violent. Vexed at trifles.

Agaricus: Furious, raging, screaming, raving.

Alumina: Variable mood. Morose. Disposition to anger, obstinate.

Argentum nitricum: Easily angered. Anger brings on physical symptoms.

Anacardium: Fixed ideas, easily offended. Malicious, wicked. Flies into rage. Screams, is furious. Manners are awkward, silly.

Arsenicum album: Malicious, selfish. Inclination to be angry. Anger with anxiety & restlessness.

Aurum: Great despondency. Peevish. The least contradiction excites his wrath. Grumbling, quarrelsome.

Belladonna: Furious, rages, bites, strikes, groans.

Bufo: Propensity to bite, howling, impatient, nervous.

Calcium carbonicum: Obstinacy. Low spirited. Vexatious. Easily offended.

Causticum: Vexatious. Quarrelsome.

Chamomilla: Impatience, complaining, wants to get his way. Peevishness. Quarrelsome. Disposition to anger.

Cuprum: Malicious, morose. Attacks of rage, wants to bite bystanders.

Cina: Irritable temper, cross.

Ferrum metallicum: Excited from slightest opposition. Sanguine temperament. Peevish, disputative.

Hepar sulphuricum: Angry, quickly becomes enraged. Furious.

Hyoscyamus: Quarrelsome.

Ignatia: Least contradiction excites fury and rage.

Lycopodium: Dislike of new things, annoyed by little things. Haughty. Frenzy. Reproach, overbearing conduct.

Nitricum acidum: Ambidextrous, malicious, perfidious, abusive, and hot-tempered. Vexed at trifles. Attacks / fits of rage, cursing.

Nux vomica: Malicious. Sullen. Spiteful. Peevish. Scolding. Quarrels, insults. Fiery, excited temperament, breaking out in acts of violence.

Sanicula: Headstrong, obstinate, crying, kicking.

Staphisagria: Violent outbursts. Peevish. Desires things which are then rejected.

Sulphur: Very selfish. Vitiated. Peevish.

Stramonium: Brutal, quarrelsome, violent, bites, hits.

Tarantula: Hysteria. Destructive impulses.



The sad child:


Alumina: Tearful sadness, sorrowful.

Anacardium: Profound melancholy.

Argentum nitricum: Deep-seated melancholic.

Arsenicum album: Miserly, despair. Chagrin, Inconsolable.

Aurum: Feels that all are against him. Hopeless. Anguish. Despair.

Causticum: Least thing makes him cry.

Chamomilla: Disposition to weeping. Great sensitivity to offence. Crying.

Cuprum: Melancholy with anguish attacks.

Ignatia: Melancholic, tearful, silently brooding. Sobbing, sighing. Sorrow. Changeable disposition.

Lycopodium: Melancholic, sadness upon waking. Desponding, grieving mood.

Natrium muriaticum: Over-sensitive. Grief. Crying, depression. Consolation aggravates. Much weeping.

Phosphoricum  acidum: Grief.

Pulsatilla: Emotional, melancholic, weeps easily.

Staphisagria: Very sensitive. Peevish.

Stramonium: Rapid changes from being joyous to saddened. Sadness with deadly anguish. Inconsolable disposition.

Tuberculinum: Sadness, melancholy, gloomy, whining.

Zincum: Melancholic lethargy.



The fearful / anxious child:


Scared, restless due to fear or fright, may cry and cannot be calmed….


Aconitum: Great fear, worry and anxiety. Anguish, restless, frightened. Tension. Tendency to start. Inconsolable anxiety. Fear of spectres, of dark. Disposition to run away from one’s bed. Ailments from fear & fright.

Alumina: Disposition to anger and fright. Anguish.

Anacardium: When walking, feels pursued.

Argentum  nitricum: Nervous & fearful. Anxieties. Fears house-corners. Nightly nervousness.

Arsenicum album: Fright and worry. Anguish, cannot rest. Fear of being left alone. Fear with cold sweat. Fear of spectres, robbers. Despondency.

Belladonna: Easily frightened. Disposition to be fearful, suspicious, tendency to mistrust.

Calcium carbonicum: Easily frightened. Anxious agitation.

Chamomilla: Mental excitement with tendency to fright.

Gelsemium: Bad effects from fright and fear. Starting, screams.

Kalium bromatum: Nervous anxiety. Night terrors with screaming and trembling.

Kalium phosphoricum: Anxiety, Nervous dread, Irritable, night terrors.

Ignatia: Nervous, worry. Strong disposition to be frightened. Fear of robbers.

Lycopodium: Afraid to be alone. Fear of breaking down under stress.

Natrium muriaticum: Ill-effects from fright. Irritability. Anguish during storm, especially at night.

Nux vomica: Uneasiness, anguish. Anxiety and restlessness in the evening.

Phosphorus: Fearful, starting, hypo-sensitive.

Pulsatilla: In the evening, being alone, darkness, ghosts.

Silicea: Fainthearted, anxious, nervous.

Stramonium: Cannot be alone. Fear of darkness; must have light and company.






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