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Editorial – Mid-Summer 2020

    Dear Readers,   Hoping this finds you well in all the conundrum and havoc that is currently going on in the world, I am happy to be bringing to you in this issue the following articles:   A bowel nosode for eczema? Yes! A Case of Placenta: ‘I have lost my tether’. SHORT … Continue reading


            INTRODUCTION Every child can be naughty, defiant and impulsive from time to time, which is perfectly normal. However, some children have extremely difficult and challenging behaviors that are outside the norm for their age. The most common behavior disorder is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Impulsiveness, lack of attention and … Continue reading


  Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association (AHMA) Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association AHMA is non-governmental and non-profit organization, serving the national and international with the experts in the field of Homeopathic medicine is committed to replicate the wheel already present around the world as a second largest system of the medicine to the benefit of this curative … Continue reading

A Case of Placenta: ‘I have lost my tether’.

        A woman in her 40’s came to see me for treatment of Raynaud’s syndrome in February 2019, describing her symptoms thus:   It is an overreaction of the capillaries. They behave reactively, without fine control. Reactive, and fearful. It starts when it is cold, and stops when it is warmer. I … Continue reading

A bowel nosode for eczema? Yes!

    I saw this client back in 2018 and her case was such a game changer for me. At the time I was seeing clients with mild eczema and seeing good results but I was not using Bowel Nosodes. Not long before I saw this client I had done a Bowel Nosode training course. … Continue reading


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