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Winter 2020 – Miasms – Influence, character and case resolution

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Editorial- Winter 2020

      Dear Readers,   I remember well, writing last years December editorial, and very much, like in the last and the previous years, I ask myself where time went. How quickly did the months pass and how distant are events that actually feel like they only just happened ‘yesterday’. I feel kind of … Continue reading


    Psora is derived from Hebrew – “TSORT”, signifying Venom or Malignancy. In Greek, it is translated as ‘Psora’, i.e. “cutaneous disease” & then into internal itch. According to HAHNEMANN, it represents morbid base of non-venereal chronic disease, the only real fundamental cause & producer of all innumerable, forms of disease.” It is the … Continue reading

Understanding the rare used medicine “ASAFOETIDA”

62 years Female .Chronic Gastritis, since 2 to 3 years.    Disturbed sleep .H/o chronic varicose veins. Came for Acidity and Eructation Case taken in April 20.   Patient: – I am suffering from gases (burps, eructation) after every meal; within one hour I start burping out initially. I was managing it, but nowadays since it … Continue reading

How the Miasms evolve in Human being- A systematic overlook

Miasm is something like a puzzle for various budding homeopaths. Its not difficult to read but yes a little difficult to understand.   When we talk about cure; we need to address the underlined reason.   As mentioned by Dr. Hahnemann in Organon as well in The Chronic Disease book, the diseases flair up when … Continue reading

What is Astrology?

        Do the Planets really influence us? What is the misunderstanding about Astrology?     There are some observations from thousands of years about how the lunar cycle influences people’s psyche, behavior, health – reflected in many  repertory rubrics related to the Moon, used by homeopaths. The fact the tide is related … Continue reading


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