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Go for Goal! The German Football league relies on homeopathy!

 Go for Goal! The German Football league relies on homeopathy!



Goal 2In 2008 a German magazine published an article discussing the outcomes of a survey that had investigated the extent of homeopathic prescribing in professional football [1]. The results were surprising, as the data collected gave an insight into just how extensive the use of homeopathy was.




In the 1st and 2nd division of the German football league, the Bundesliga, 92% of clubs treated their players with homeopathic remedies. The team doctors and physiotherapists acknowledged of homeopathic treatment a strengthening effect on the immune system. It was further reported in this survey, that in particular complex homeopathic preparations were of significance in athletes treatment. As such it was indicated that 76% of the Bundesliga football clubs employed homeopathic combination/complex preparations [1].




In professional sports where the restricted time available for recuperation from injury [2], the constant demand for peak performance and the not infrequent adjunctive adverse effects of conventional medicines [3] dictate the treatment choice, the demand for a treatment approach with alternative therapies is not surprising. Homeopathic remedies act gently and rapidly [4], and are practically free of factors that potentially can provoke unwanted side-effects [5]. Of additional benefit, and of utmost importance, in particular, in professional sports, is the fact that homeopathic remedies are devoid of a doping profile [1, 2, 6].



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