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Mid-Summer 2017 – Building Practice 3

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A word from the editor – Mid-summer 2017 – Building Practice 3

Hello and summer greetings to you,   Are you too sweltering in the summer heat? The past days have seen temperatures of 39.5 to 40.5 degrees C at my end of the world. Being outside it is almost unbearable at certain times of the day.   Luckily for most of us the summer holidays have … Continue reading

To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question

Authenticity is one of the latest buzzwords that circulate in natural health circles. We are constantly being advised to differentiate ourselves from other therapists by sharing our own stories on health issues and this can be very effective in drawing in the kind of clients we love to work with. But how open and honest … Continue reading

Book-review of ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy’ – Authored by Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir

Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir is a renowned Icelandic homeopath who, with this comprehensive book, has created a fantastic reference work for mothers and mums-to-be. Guðrún Tinna Thorlacius, has worked with Guðný on the book translating and reviewing the text. The book is edited by Elaine Walker, and the foreword is by Miranda Castro, one of the worlds … Continue reading

To niche or not to niche?

    This is a question I hear a lot in the homeopathy community.   My answer isn’t a yes or no. It’s a maybe.       Good reasons to Niche   If you have a very specific area of expertise in your life outside of homeopathy, and you can align homeopathy with that, … Continue reading

What’s the plan?

So, you´ve graduated, spent the past 3 to 6 years, depending on your degree, being prepared to approach the study topic with all the wisdom and knowledge derived from the approved and delivered curriculum. Now what? You´ve been let lose, ready to step out and provide your service to all those wonderful people out there, … Continue reading

Thoughts on the ‘How-to’ of attracting clients

    The mother of all questions for an aspiring practitioner aiming to set up a clinic and begin practicing, undoubtedly is: How do I attract clients? That is the one question every company or business sets their marketing teams, and expends major amounts of revenue on. Cracks at marketing earn mega pay-outs for their … Continue reading


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