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Hyperesthesia is a condition that involves an abnormal increase in sensitivity to stimuli of the sense. Stimuli of the senses can include sound that one hears, foods that one tastes, textures that one feels, and so forth.



There is no singular cause of hyperesthesia. Many external stimuli are linked to the condition, and it’s also related to a number of other conditions.

Drinking too much coffee or alcohol can temporarily cause hyperesthesia by overstimulating the nervous system.

When the nerves are partially or completely impaired, this can also cause increased sensory stimulation.

People with a vitamin B-12 deficiency can also develop hyperesthesia.

It’s common for children with autism, fragile X syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to also develop hyperesthesia.


Case of a 35 years old female and she a teacher by profession. She consulted with chief complain of Hypersensitive of skin since 5-7 years on face only. There is burning, itching and redness on face with blackish pores. Big size pimples are also there with pus and pain. Don’t suits anything on face. Complains are aggravated by sun4, stress4, heat2 any home treatment (alovera, termaric, milk, gram flour + curd), any soap & facewash and only ameliorated by cold water. Burning starts if even nail touches on face. Single spot of pimple take upto a year to go. Took ayurvedic, allopathic, homeopathic treatments till with unsatisfactory results.

Problem started after taking allopathic treatment for pimples, 5-7 years back.

After allo. treatment- hairs starts grying in bunches, hairfall & lips dry.

Pimples start at age of 16 years.Big, pus, swelling, painful, red.

At last took peeling- pimples reduce in size after that.

Other complain is of Migraine since 19 years. Pain assent then fix on one place. Vomiting during headache. Feel like head will bust, better in 12-15 hours. Aggravated by stress, thinking, noise, summer, light, sun, hunger, change place. Ameliorated by vomiting, empty stomach. It’s sometimes now.

Constant thought in mind about looks- hubby looks much better then me, so I feel incomplete. Constant fear- is he leave me?, Insecurity. These thought is their whenever free at home. Once thought starts for anything it remain in mind for 8-10 days. Feel to have something which can change me.

In social gatherings it feels so bad and is their thought, why I’m like this? (about look). I feel lacking in myself. In everything I use to except that it’s my mistake to avoid argument & fight. In anger I harm myself, cry, avoid food, scream and suicidal thoughts are also there. Thought during anger- Why I’m alive? No will to live. Feel like everything is finish.

I use to cry too much if anyone said wrong or bad. Cry in alone because it looks weak if cry in front of anyone, people take advantage then.

Married 3 years back have no child because I had abdominal TB at age of 16 years which was operated, that’s why don’t plan baby. Husband is in my support but I feels depress. Incomplete feeling is always there, that’s why in school love to spend time with kids. Like reading- spiritual books & newspaper.

In childhood I was mischievous. Hesitation to talk in class and in front of teacher. I was scholar student. Don’t like to talk much and I have few friends only. Was good in drawing. In collage cousins are there so feel protected.

Had repeated dreams of something danger is happening but don’t remember well and another one is of big river is there and I saw water everywhere.



  • Desire: sweet++++ (daily want sweet- incomplete)
  • Aversion: sour & speicy
  • Thirst: thirstless.
  • Thermal: chilly
  • Perspiration: face+++, scalp, back
  • Sleep: sound


Father: DM, HTN



2 Uncle: NAD

2 Aunty: 1ST NAD & 2ND DM

2 Brothers: NAD


Mother: DM, HTN



2 Uncle: 1ST Kidney failure & 2nd Suicide

Aunty: Hemorrhoid

2 Sisters: 1ST Sciatica & 2nd DM, HTN

Miasmatic understanding of case:

  • Miasm of case is psoro- sycotic, where psora is predominate.
  • Psoric: skin hypersensitivity, pimples, sympathetic, fears.
  • Sycotic: constant thought, insecurities, loathing of life.



  • Brooding
  • Rush of thoughts are there in mind always- persistent thoughts.
  • Don’t feel to live- loathing of life
  • Sympathetic
  • Dreams- water, danger


  • Sensitiveness of skin
  • Blackish pores on face
  • Perspiration on face


  • Sweet desire


  • mind; BROODING (185)
  • mind; THOUGHTS; persistent (309)
  • mind; LOATHING; life, of (102)
  • mind; SUICIDAL disposition; thoughts (72)
  • mind; SYMPATHETIC, compassionate, too (164)
  • mind; DREAMS; danger (189)
  • mind; DREAMS; water (224)
  • skin; SENSITIVENESS (222)
  • face; BLACK; pores (16)
  • face; PERSPIRATION (304)
  • generalities; SUN; agg.; sunburn (48)
  • generalities; FOOD and drinks; sweets; desires (262)



The Soul of Remedies -Rajan Sankaran

Boericke Materia Medica:

Phatak Materia Medica:

Murphy’s Natural Materia Medica:


Thermally chilly Thermally hot
Desire sweet Desire salt
Great thirst for cold water Thirsty
Coated tongue Mapped tongue with red insular patches
Consolation desire Consolation aggravation
Psoric remedy Sycotic remedy
Very sensitive, especially to separation from the beloved and to the breaking of relationship Dwells on past disagreeable occurrence, recalls disagreeable memories
Theme is of a vital reaction needed by a person who is alone, i.e. without a relationship on a one to one level with another human being. His forsaken lonely feeling gives rise to the two basic feeling of Nat. Carb. which are ennui (boredom) & apprehension (anxiety). Main feeling is that she will be let down or betrayed or disappointed by the person her trust depends on or by the one she loves.



Natrum carbonicum 30 bd x 3d

Sl 30 TDS 4 weeks

1ST FOLLOW UP: 17-9-19

  • Mentally I feel relax.
  • Don’t feel depressed and tense now.
  • Very positive about my problem now.
  • Applied aloe vera and rose water last eve- burning for 4-5 mins.
  • I feel tightness in my skin now.
  • Cervical pain was not their. Even i drive more in 3-4 days, still pain was not there (don’t mention during case)

Rx, SL TDS 4 weeks

2ND FOLLOW UP: 12-11-19

  • Mentally feel better.
  • Pimples are reappear in last 8 days.
  • Cervical pain is better, no fermentation feeling is there.


Natrum carbonicum 30 bd x 3d

SL TDS 4 weeks

3RD FOLLOW UP: 13-12-19

  • Mentally calm.
  • No persistent thoughts.
  • No new pimples now.
  • No burning and itching on skin even after expose to sun.
  • Skin feels tight.
  • No cervical pain.


SL TDS 4 weeks

4TH FOLLOW UP: 15-1-20

  • Small skin eruption appear on forehead.
  • Itching.
  • No pus on it.
  • No pain.


Natrum carbonicum 200 sd

SL TDS 4 weeks

5TH FOLLOW UP: 30-1-20

  • Eruption on forehead was not there after medicine, reappear in last 2 days.
  • No itching.


Natrum carbonicum 200 sd

SL TDS 4 weeks

6TH FOLLOW UP: 25-2-20

  • Mentally calm.
  • No unnecessary thought.
  • No eruption.
  • No cervical pain.
  • Did bleach on face- no burning, redness & itching.


No medicine


Glossary of Abbreviations:

  • DM- Diabetic Mellitus
  • HTN- Hypertention
  • PGF- Paternal grand father
  • PGM- Paternal grand mother
  • NAD- Not any disease
  • MGM- Maternal grand mother
  • MGF- Maternal grand father
  • Rx- Prescription
  • BD- twice a day
  • TDS- trice a day
  • SL- Sac lac (plain globule)

About the Author:


Dr Vibha Mevada


Founder: Samragee Homeopathic clinic

Director: Samragee Yoga Studio

Director: Wellness Rediscover Club

Coordinator Scientific Committee Board, AIHSAYA


101, Suyansh Apartment, Narendra Tiwari Marg, Indore (452009), M.P.

9111005009, 9111005008


Dr Vibha got trained with world renowned homeopaths- Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Dinesh Chouhan, and many more. She completed her B.H.M.S from DKMM, HMC (Nashik University), Maharashtra, India in 2015. Did PG courses CCAH & MCAH from The Other Song International Academy of Advance Homeopathy, Mumbai, India in 2016.

She is Founder of Samragee Homeopathic Clinic and successfully running homeopathic practice since last 3 years at Indore, India.

She is Director of Samragee Yoga studio and running online and offline yoga classes, as well Director of Wellness Rediscover Club also.

She is Ex-Coordinator Scientific Committee Board of All India Homeopathic Student and Youth Association (AIHSAYA).

She is Author at many national and international homeopathic journals like, NJH, etc.

She is speaker (webinar) at various national and international platforms.




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