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Spring 2018 – Cancer

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Editorial – Spring Issue 2018

  Dear Readers,   Ammonium valerianicum has become a very useful remedy in a case of neuralgic troubles and cervical angina. This patient had been suffering of states of vehement stress that occurred after a chiropractors treatment that went horribly wrong.   The patient had been adjusted in the neck and instantly had high blood pressure … Continue reading

Why I Only Work 3 Weeks Each Month

  My employed friends think I hardly ever work.   I suspect that, at first blush, it would seem that way.   I am not sitting at my desk 9-5, 5 days per week, 50 weeks a year (with 2 weeks paid vacation in the summer.)   I don’t have to “book time off” with … Continue reading


    My work in cancer cases has been going on, each case being a challenge and each case proving to be a milestone. Unbelievable results taking us to ecstasy and unrelenting march of the disease sending us to the very depths of depression. I must admit the latter more often than the former.   … Continue reading


              The homoeopathic approach to a case of cancer depends upon the state of sensitivity in which the patient presents himself to the physician.     1. The degree of sensitivity is moderate or high: Such patients are able to throw up characteristic symptoms and this is usually possible … Continue reading

A case of breast cancer supported by Homeopathy

 GH – Female, born October 1949 First interview: 22.01.2001 GH is working as a financial assistant, in her work is a lot of disturbance, very busy and a lot of stress. Has two girls with her ex-husband, which she divorced after 8 yrs of abusive marriage. Has a boy with her present husband and 5 … Continue reading

A strange Wart

  Patient 20. G.C. Male Born 5 Jan1956, seen 3 Jul 85, former computer programmer from a northern city, now working as a gardener in a Buddhist community in London.   Since 3 months he has a growth on his penis, a large wart, the largest I have seen – I have seen a few … Continue reading


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