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A strange Wart

A strange Wart



Patient 20. G.C. Male

Born 5 Jan1956, seen 3 Jul 85, former computer programmer from a northern city, now working as a gardener in a Buddhist community in London.


Since 3 months he has a growth on his penis, a large wart, the largest I have seen – I have seen a few by now – in the technical sense this is the most interesting. It sits right on the glans of the penis on the fraenum and comprises a number of individual soft cells, shaped like a fan, the cells are rather like drops of fluid which have spilled out and coalesced and hardened, like wax droplets. He is not circumcised, passes blood painlessly, and has a slight increase in smegma.


He has a history of warts, in his inguinal area, and on his arm, very small soft and fleshy, freckles and athlete’s foot.


He is vegetarian, desires tomatoes, salt(2), eggs, cheese, milk, sweet, a little coffee, herb teas, and hot drinks, except when manual working when prefers cold drinks, but no alcohol. Averse bitter, meat. Aggravation from beans. Eats fast, stomach gurgles.


Has salty white mucous on his chest in the morning which he hawks up, only usual childhood illnesses, there is cystic fibrosis in the family. There was a lack of affection in his family, hard to display and he is a little reticent at first. He has sexual relationships with men, though celibate at present for three months, prefers intercourse with men but fantasies about women, and indeed has recently lived with a woman. At present his desire is much diminished and the wart would seriously hamper usual kinds of sexual activity.


He is low in the mid-afternoon, and better in the early evening. Dislikes, even fears cats, likes dogs. He has his own internal warmth, even too much of it, sweats a lot, on back, groin, feet, and at night all over, feels damp but not profuse. (I should have asked if it smelled … sweet ..?)


Bowels: some diarrhoea. Urine a little bloody, history of nosebleeds.


He came to me with a little mild blackmail, that he was going to a retreat in Italy in 2 months and if I did not remove the wart before then he would have it garroted. I did not respond to the threat beyond saying that I would do my best in any circumstance.


He found his previous occupation too much and preferred not to do mental work, preferred the gardening and a contemplative life. Before opening a book I thought of Phosphorus, Tuberculinum and Medorrhinum as possible future layers, but there were two obvious prescriptions lurking in Kent:


I started with the strange rare and peculiar particular symptom, turning normal repertorising on its head after the way of the American, Robin Murphy:


GENITALIA: CONDYLOMATA: penis: fan-shaped: Cinnb., Thuj.


This effectively eliminates the other remedies, as both these occur in the other relevant Condylomata; penis rubrics, bleeding glands, prepuce and fraenum. The reason for choosing the red sulphide of mercury is the fact that it is both sycotic and syphilitic in its miasmatic indications, according to Clarke’s opening words on this remedy. After saying it is more indicated than Thuja for just this type of wart he helpfully tells us “In the mental sphere there is indolence and indisposition to mental labour”. It matches generally in other ways.

Rx Cinnabaris 200C.


31 Jul 85

The wart grew and bled, it is uncertain whether we can call this an aggravation from the remedy, as the wart was already growing, so given the lack of other changes to report we must assume that the remedy either did not act or with no evidence that it cleared the way for the simillimum. There was one significant NEW symptom: a forked stream.


For the first week he was more tired, also suffered from food poisoning, he explained what he had eaten, a street stall falafel, an Arab vegetarian spicy delicacy. He had some diarrhea, sweat smelled of garlic after eating some, and had unremembered dreams.


Going by the same rubrics, but with the addition of

BLADDER: URINATION: Forked stream, I followed the experience of countless homeopaths; I went low:

Thuja 6x twice daily and tincture applied simultaneously to the affected part.


28 Aug 85

Bits of the cellular excrescence started to come off daily and it was now considerably diminished in size. He had night sweats and disturbed sleep, and a chesty cough. There was no more bleeding, there was no discharge, but a red ring came and went around his penis; he no longer had the forked stream.


He was intending to go to his retreat in Italy in a few days so:

Repeat Thuja as before;


Nothing further to report.







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Francis Treuherz MA RSHom FSHom

Francis Treuherz has been in practice since 1984 in London and Letchworth; (and part time in the NHS from 1990-2003). He is a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths, former editor of their journal for 10 years, Board member for 20+ years. He was a Trustee of the British Homeopathic Association and the Homeopathy Action Trust. He has taught homeopathy at the University of Westminster, & Amsterdam, Chichester, Galway, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Prague, San José, San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm … . He works on the homeopathic Helpline phone service since 1996.

Francis Treuherz MA RSHom FSHom
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