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Mid-Winter 2018 - Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems

A word from the Editor – Mid-Winter Issue 2018 – ‘Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems’

A word from the Editor – Mid-Winter Issue 2018 – ‘Heart, Kidney & Circulatory Problems’



Dear Readers,


Amyl nitrosum is a little remedy that has a somewhat restricted action radius. It’s main focus is on a very specific symptomatology of the heart. Nonetheless, if it is indicated it is of greatest value to a patient.


I came to prescribe this remedy for a patient who was complaining of a fluttering sensation about the heart. This was very dramatic for him and made him very anxious for his own life, for his family should he become sick or have an accident or other. This fluttering would come on from the least of excitement. If his children were quarreling, if someone, even in another room, raised a voice or made sounds of excitement. Everything appeared to make him alert and anxious. Slightest exertion could instigate a tumultuous beating of the heart, and he would feel heavily constricted about the chest. He also exclaimed that since a while his hands and lower arms showed the larger veins somewhat protruding through the skin. He had never had this before. Amyl nitrosum did a fine job at relieving this patient of this suffering.


Our Materia Medica have many such ‘little’ remedies with exciting areas of action. We cannot possibly know all of them off the top of our heads, but some of these are true ‘jewels’ and deserve to be kept in mind. Amyl nitrosum is certainly one of them.


Featured in this issue are articles from amazing authors, looking at an array of interesting topics:


Statin Drugs, CoQ10 and Vitamin D  – Dr. Ronda Behnke

The Four Key Words for 2018 – Rebecca Liston

Cadmium Sulphuratum – a remedy for relief of Bell’s Palsy – Francis Treuherz

The case of a woman with stiffness in the back – Genoveva Kostova Georgieva

Strengthening Your Cardiovascular System – Irene Schwens


I hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Best wishes









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