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Editorial: Winter 2019

      Dear Readers,   Here we go. This Autumn issue is finally live, and features a potpourri of articles looking at health, health care and of course homeopathy! Our fabulous authors are sharing their wisdom and have taken a look at:   STEINER AND THE SIMILLIMUM   PCOS & MENORRHAGIA and Homeopathy   … Continue reading

Homeopathy to the rescue – Mosquito and other stings

  Most of us undoubtedly know what its like to have been robbed of a nights sleep by the incessant attacks of Mosquitoes. Not only do the little bloodsuckers keep coming back, announcing their approach with the so distinctive buzzing sound, but the stings itch, and itch, and itch, and … Mosquito bites can really … Continue reading


          WHAT IS ALCOHOL?   Alcohol is a drug found in all alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and spirits such as vodka and whiskey.   Alcohol is primarily metabolised in the liver by oxidation.It is first converted by alcohol dehydrogenase(ADH) to Acetaldehyde, which is there after converted to Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase(ALDH) to … Continue reading

Matching a Patient’s Homeopathic Remedy to Her Sensitivities to Others’ Behaviors A Case of Platina for Chronic Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris

Kathy, 56, came to see me for Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP) which she had since the age of 10 when she went through puberty. She had taken the standard medical drugs for PRP: isotretinoin (Accutane) then acitretin (Soriatane) after Accutane had been pulled from the market due to its liver-damaging effects. The Accutane had helped … Continue reading

PCOS & MENORRHAGIA and Homeopathy

          A 19-year-old girl came to us with complaints of heavy bleeding. Sonography confirms she had PCOS and she was on hormonal treatment with partial relief for past 2 years. Her periods are irregular, comes after every three months, and lasts for over a month. There is spotting in the first … Continue reading


  Homeopathic and anthroposophic medicine: the relationship of the ideas of Hahnemann, Goethe and Steiner by Francis Treuherz MA Retyped from the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy 78:2, June 1985 (Presented at a meeting of the Faculty of Homeopathy, Scottish Branch, in Glasgow. November, 1984)         Abstract This is an … Continue reading


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