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Winter 2016 – Learning Homeopathy

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A word from the Editor – Learning Homeopathy

Dear Readers,     Homeopathy has its own place in sick-care. It is not a substitute for, nor a superior form of treatment to other medical systems. It is a stand alone therapy that has the competence of impacting a diseased state of health gently, holistically and effectively.

A case of Lac Felinum for Chronic Fatigue

     A case of Lac Felinum for Chronic Fatigue     Chronic fatigue is something I have seen increase during the time I have been in practice. Many people, women especially, present with a range of symptoms at least partially by what I describe as ‘long-term low-level stress’.

What Happens at Home Stays at Home (or does it?)

 What Happens at Home Stays at Home (or does it?)       Anyone else out there watch Seinfeld? I was a bit of an addict, to be honest, and while I cannot claim to be one of those people who remembers everything (what was the false name that George went by when he wanted … Continue reading

Is Arnica Your Default Remedy For Trauma?

 Is Arnica Your Default Remedy For Trauma?     We had an interesting discussion in one of my Argentum Mentoring Sessions a month back. One of my members had a query on managing a case of Trauma. Her friend’s teenager son had fallen off a cliff. He suffered multiple fractures, but remained in a stable … Continue reading

A Homeopathic Education

A Homeopathic Education Do you remember your first case after homeopathy school? Did you feel prepared?  

E-learning – the convenient way to study?

 E-learning – the convenient way to study? With the ever broadening use of the internet, even universities and educational institutions are expanding their presence online and are making an effort to make their courses accessible to as many prospective students as possible. As such many are offering to educate students’ at-a-distance.  


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