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Summer 2021 – Fear, Anxiety Guilt & Hate

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Editorial – Summer 2021

Dear Readers, Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of Clever H. In the Western Hemisphere we are finally moving into the warmer and brighter months of the year, so hopes are high for more fun times ahead, but, we can still not by pass the still very present topic of the pandemic. However, with gentle … Continue reading

Fear and anxiety during the pandemic: An investigation of fear and anxiety rubrics in seven remedies

Introduction and overview This month’s theme of Clever H is fear, anxiety, guilt, and hate. Considering the pandemic times in which we are living, the topic of fear and anxiety seems highly relevant: Many have been living in and with fear this past year: fear of infection, of illness, of proximity to others, of loneliness, … Continue reading

A case of chronic depression

“This is a case of young female with chronic depression. She is a social worker. She came to me long back in 2016 and this case opened the whole new aspect of the remedy received by patient and taught me many things about her remedy and how lesser known remedies can also help in treating … Continue reading

‘Hey Mathematics – you are my weak point!’

An approach to trigger the need of remedy Anamnesis One day a 15 years girl came to my practice with her mother for the problem of difficulty in mathematics. She was my old patient. Few years back she was admitted in hospital for bursting headache, later on Homeopathy solved the issue. She said –‘I could … Continue reading

Fear, anxiety – Alopecia- homeopathic rescue

Alopecia is commonly known as baldness. It is an autoimmune disorder, i.e., it is one of the conditions where the body mistakenly attacks itself. In alopecia, the hair follicles are attacked by the body. Types of alopecia – These are the common types of alopecia: – ALOPECIA AREATA – The most common type. In this, … Continue reading

The threefold approach to homeopathy and social inclusion

Many people do understand that homeopathy is healing the sick but also that the act of social inclusion is leading to more favourable conditions for the people in our care to really face the day again. Homeopathy and social inclusion are obviously connected as many individuals, rare, strange and peculiar, make one community and we … Continue reading

Task, Insecurity & Precision=Cobaltum

Introduction: Sharing this case for understanding the importance of exact column to get precision in our prescriptions. M 33 years, Tall, medium built, average looking but impressive demeanor. Location Sensation Modality Concomitant CVS Since 3 months Raised BP 150/100 mm hg No symptoms Accidental finding at the mandatory health check up GIT Since 4 years … Continue reading


Female – 36 Year Old. Name – Mrs K.G. Occupation – Housewife. Date of Case taking – 05 March 2021. Doctor – Yes can u tell me what is happening ? Pt – I have Depression and I am under treatment.. Urging to pass stools urgently as soon as I have the food… Stitches in … Continue reading

‘Sharing knowledge is the necessity of time’

I had the honor and opportunity to speak with Dr.Kavita Chandak, one of our fabulous authors at Clever H., an esteemed practitioner, homeopath, teacher, speaker and so much more. I wanted to know more about her, the person, the practitioner and her ‘history’ with Homeopathy. Read below about one of our contemporary homeopathic Greats. -Dr. … Continue reading


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