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Winter 2017 – Addiction & Cravings

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A word from the Editor – Winter 2017 – ‘Addiction and Cravings’

Dear Readers,     Addiction to prescription and recreational drugs is on the rise globally. The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime concludes that “¼ of a billion of people” of the world population use drugs, and an estimate of 29,5 million of these are suffering of related problematic use or dependency [1]. These … Continue reading

Homeopathic Missions in Honduras, bringing homeopathy to the people one case at a time

In October 2017 I took part in my first homeopathic medical mission to Honduras. As a homeopath it was an amazing opportunity to practice homeopathy as front line medical care with rural people. The mission was for 2 weeks, one week in Teupasenti and a second week in Cantarranas with three days at the main … Continue reading

“I used to think that normal was overrated, but I’ll never think that again.”

            One of my core philosophies as a homeopath is that I am approachable and easy to talk to. There is nothing that I feel uncomfortable talking about and my consultations are entirely confidential. I make this really clear on my website and in my client-therapist agreement.     I … Continue reading

Stop Telling Me To Hustle!

        I don’t often rant.   Well, okay fine, I do…just not always in public.   But today I just have to finally get it out of my system once and for all: I HATE being told that I have to HUSTLE if I want to succeed!   I hate the word Hustle. … Continue reading

A sensations approach to a case of frequent colds

A case that seemed like Lycopodium, but turned out to be Mellivora capensis (Honey Badger)   This is a 25 years old boy who suffered from frequent coughs after changing weather. He had taken antibiotics, but wanted to stop this tendency. He came to me on 15th January, 2016 and his case looked like Lycopodium, but … Continue reading

Chamomilla – Homeopathic Remedy for Narcotic Withdrawal

    A good choice when your pain medication is stopped abruptly     Emily was a 50-year-old woman who had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in the lumbar and cervical spinal regions seven years ago.  She had also been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of the spinal vertebrae.  She became “legally” disabled five years … Continue reading


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