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Winter 2018 – Aging Gracefully

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Editorial: Winter 2018

    Dear Readers,   Here she is, the December issue of ‘Clever H.’, and this time round we are looking at ‘Aging gracefully with homeopathy’. The articles brought to you are hopefully going to be informative and interesting to you. This last issue of the year features articles by Irina Redman, who is taking … Continue reading

Centella Asiatica – a plant way to anti-age

    Centella Asiatica is herbal medicine known and appreciated, since ancient times. It’s use is currently experiencing a revival on account of research findings that place it directly into the center of the anti-aging movement. Centella has been found to have properties that can combat the process of aging.   Centella, which is known … Continue reading

Everybody knows that children and old people have more colds and can catch a flu more easily

  Winter is coming and so is the flu.   Everybody knows that children and old people are more susceptible to catching a cold or getting the flu.   In childhood – it’s because a child’s immune system is not developed fully.   But why are old people more vulnerable?   Immune cells, T-lymphocytes, are … Continue reading

The Anti-aging of homeopathic cell salts

Anti-aging does not mean the traditional looking good but also growing old free of disease and pain. It means not just to look good but to be healthy and happy. People will generally spend money on skin creams but I would like to bring this to another level and rejuvenate every cell from the inside … Continue reading

An Emotional Side of Erectile Dysfunction

          Steve, 68, had just retired. It had been his second attempt at retiring. The first was when he was 65, but his wife was still working, so he found it difficult to adjust to retired life. When his wife retired 3 years later, Steve thought he would be just fine. … Continue reading

Musings from The Path from One Journey-er to Another

  Hey! You, there! Yes, YOU, the one with the backpack at your feet and the bottle of water in your hand. I see you!   I see you there, fellow Journey-er, and I am delighted to be greeting you on the Path.   Shall we Walk awhile together? I’d love to share with you … Continue reading


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