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Mid-Summer 2018 – Skin conditions

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Editorial: Mid-summer 2018

    Dear Readers,   A sufferer of Neurodermatitis once said: “I would not have survived without it”.   She had had terrible Neurodermatitis for years. Her arms and legs were ‘screaming’. She was irritable and restless with the constant itching, would have difficulty restraining herself to not scratch until she bled. She would look … Continue reading

Not Everything Is Yours To Do

    Every once in a while, I sit back and take stock. I do this quite often, really; I take stock of a lot of things, from my finances to how my furnace is running. But for the purposes of today’s Letter, I want to talk about how I take stock of “What I … Continue reading

Homeopathic treatment of skin that transforms and brings healing to an entire family and Practitioner

    Standard practice of homeopathy is not dissimilar to a visit with a doctor or any healthcare practitioner for that matter. An appointment is booked, patient is assessed, treatment option in the form of remedies and occasional dietary advice given. The patient goes off and if they comply then they get better or not. … Continue reading

Homeopathy for when the sun burns, the skin screams and the head aches…

    It´s summer time. Yet with the joys of the warmer and sunnier months comes the added care we have to give to avoid the risk of contracting heat injuries.   The risk that unprotected long duration exposure to the sun may pose to our health is frequently underestimated. Even a light sunburn strongly … Continue reading

Vitiligo and Homeopathic Treatment

    About Vitiligo Vitiligo is a skin pigmentation disorder generally characterized by white patches of skin on different parts of the body. Melanocytes or skin-pigment cells present in the skin are usually affected; however the mucous membrane and the retina may also show signs of loss of this pigment.   It is estimated that … Continue reading

‘The Power of Water’ – A Thesis

        This project and proving has been inspired by the revolutionary life’s work of Masaru Emoto who passed away October 17th 2014. I have admired and been fascinated by his work with energies in water for many years, and his death, in my 2nd year at South Downs School of Homeopathy inspired … Continue reading

“I’ve never had clear skin before, but now I do.”

    One of my core philosophies as a homeopath is that I believe that small things make a big difference. One way I help my clients get better is through encouraging regular treatment and making consultations enjoyable and positive experiences. I try to convey this on my website and through my client-therapist agreement.   … Continue reading


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