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I want to delete my Thoughts!!!!!! (case of OCD )

  I want to delete my Thoughts!!!!!! (case of OCD ) 24 years Girl  Cast taken on call (as she was from other city)  7th Nov 20  .. C/o Acute OCD (obsessive compulsion disorder) with Hallucinations Her aunt explained before case taking; she is in depression since 2 months (September 20th), always talks about past, … Continue reading

Editorial – Autumn 2021 – Miscellaneous

Dear Reader, I am frequently being asked, how can we ‘prep’ for the winter, to avoid catching a cold or falling ill with a cough, a runny nose or other, weather caused, sickness. While most think that, as a homeopathy, I can magically pull out a remedy from my pocket that will do the trick, … Continue reading

Acute surgical case of Haemorrhagic ovarian cyst solved with Homeopathy

A 43 year female, visited me for intolerable pain in Right side of pelvis at 31st May 2021. It was extreme pain with sensation that somebody tearing her pelvis. Her ultra sound done at 29th May 2021,showed a hemorrhagic cyst of size 4.3 by 2.4 cm in right ovary. Her gynecologist suggested surgery. She wanted … Continue reading

Discharge Per Vagina: Normal and Abnormal

    VAGINAL DISCHARGE can be Haemorrhagic or Non – Haemorrhagic in nature with varied aetiologies. Under Haemorrhagic category – regular, optimum bleeding and absence of any associated complaint during menstruation is normal. Similarly, under non-haemorrhagic category- whitish, mucus-like, odourless, non-irritating discharge in small quantity is absolutely normal. This discharge is required to keep vagina … Continue reading

Health, Wellness and Homeopathy

  “Understanding health, is it really difficult?” may be not, but the world surrounding us today is full of complex situations and medical jargons – immunity boosters, maintaining optimal levels of micro & macro nutrients in the body, and the fancy list of investigative reports goes on and on; which, believe it or not, keeps … Continue reading

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