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Spring 2017 – See, sight, view, notice

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A word from the Editor – Sight, see, view, notice

    Dear Readers, Welcome to this Issue of CLEVER H..       In the following pages you will find two articles investigating the featured topic ‘See, sight, view, notice’, looking at Cataract & Glaucoma and Blepharitis by yours truly.   Rebecca Liston shares her thoughts and wisdom on building practice in her article, ‘The … Continue reading

Views and insights by Anja Trinklein on Homeopathy and the Information-portal PROHOM©

    Dear Uta, thank you for the Interview request on why I founded PROHOM©       The professional profession of the homoeopath is experiencing a difficult time in Germany.   Perhaps the current ongoing degradation of the profession of the curative practitioner and homeopathy “only” aims at questioning the special therapy facility, the profession … Continue reading

A case of severe period pain

      P.B. Female Age 32   INTRODUCTION   I started working with P.B. in October 2015 when she came for an acute homeopathy appointment with a lingering cold. She told me she also suffered from hay fever so I suggested she came back for hay fever prevention treatment. It was at that session … Continue reading

Cataract and Glaucoma – a differential perspective

    Cataract and Glaucoma are two major disease forms affecting the eyes that are increasingly prevalent in the population. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness, directly followed by Glaucoma.       Cataract: This is a progressive clouding or blurring of the eyes’ lens. As the ‘cloudiness’ increases, vision decreases. To the patient, … Continue reading

The Three Most Powerful Forces In Business — and how to ensure you’re maximizing them

        There’s a reason we all love that line, “May the force be with you.”     It doesn’t much matter what your religious views are…if you weren’t feeling it when someone turned to you at the church wedding you were at last weekend and said, “May God be with you,” it’s … Continue reading

Blepharitis – a homeopathic approach

  Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition of the eyelids, or the margins of the eyelids. Blepharitis is frequently recurrent, and can affect the outer or the inner eyelid.   If located at the anterior side of the eyelid, bacteria nestled between the eyelashes, or dandruff of the scalp, are the cause of the characteristic inflammation. … Continue reading

Ansichten und Einsichten von Anja Trinklein über die Homöopathie und das Informationsportal PROHOM©

Liebe Uta, vielen Dank für die Interviewanfrage, warum ich PROHOM© gegründet habe.         Der Berufstand des Homöopathen erlebt eine schwere Zeit in Deutschland.   Vielleicht zielt die aktuell anhaltende Entwürdigung des Berufsstandes des Heilpraktikers und der Homöopathie „nur“ darauf ab, die besondere Therapieeinrichtung, den Berufsstand durch „framing“ in Frage zu stellen, damit … Continue reading


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