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Submission policy & author guidelines

You are very welcome to be an active part of this Mag!


  • Please note that this Mag permits multiple views and opinions and there may not be agreement on all points made in its publications. Freedom of thought is acknowledged! Therefore, the views presented here may not necessarily be those of this mag, its publishers, its editors or those of other participating authors.

  • Copyright of all that is published on CLEVER H. is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please feel free to participate by contributing articles, cases, experiential reports etc..

If you have authored a piece and would like to submit it for consideration please be aware of the guidelines that have been outlined below:


  • The research, experiential reports, and articles posted on CLEVER H. are intended to inform on homeopathy and topics surrounding homeopathy!

  • Your thoughts and comments are invited!

  • Articles other than experiential reports and cases must be properly referenced, acknowledging the authors of original works cited. Harvard or APA referencing is preferred. For in-text references please use numbers in square brackets, and list the associated end-text references in numeric order.

  • While word limits must not necessarily be viewed as of strictest adherence, please be sensible in the length of your works. Normal articles should be confined to 1500-3000 words. Shorter or longer works may be acceptable following approval by the editors. Scholarly articles and research are exempt of these restrictions.

  • Submissions should be in a pdf and Microsoft word-, an OpenOffice-, or a LibreOffice Writer- file. Double-spaced text, with a 12 point font, Arial is preferred. Graphs, tables, diagrams and pictures should be submitted separately as jpeg files. Please send your submissions to cleverh.themag(at)

  • Please add a short biography to your article submission, this must be a separate file. This bio may feature details of your clinic, professional website, blog-links (max. 2), a photograph of you, and information on projects you are involved in. The photograph should be submitted as a separate jpeg file. The bio should be no larger than 150 words. It will go at the bottom of your article and will be featured on the Authors-page.

  • The works you submit must be your original works and may not have been published elsewhere.

  • The Authors guarantee that the submitted work is their own and does not infringe anothers rights to it.

  • Pictures or illustrations must not infringe copyright and authors must have permission to use them.

  • The copyright of works published on CLEVER H. will be transferred and retained with CLEVER H., as such, publications may not be resubmitted or republished elsewhere.

  • Following the publication of your article however, you the author may re-publish your work on your website. This may be done only after the publication of the subsequent issue of CLEVER H..  Credit must be given at the beginning of your article, to the initial publication at CLEVER H.. This may be done as follows: Article first published at ‘Clever H. – the Mag’ under reference: Author (Date). Title of publication. CLEVER H. – the Mag, Issue season/Topic. Accessible at URL:

  • There are no royalties for publishing at Clever H. – the Mag.





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