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Editorial – Autumn 2020

    Dear Readers,     With the persistent care that we as practitioners extend towards our patients on a daily basis in our practice, we are passing on not only advice on treatment for their ailments and discomforts, but are sharing a lot more that goes unseen and often times unnoticed.   If we … Continue reading

Similapuncture – Homeopathy to the point

      Potentised remedies are seldom applied on the skin in homeopathic practice. In fact external applications often are regarded as harmful as they are supposed to suppress local symptoms and so bereave the therapist of external signs of the internal malady. However Samuel Hahnemann, after long years of practice, had found that the … Continue reading


    A case of 47 yrs old lady who came to us with cramps in the calf muscles along with warts on the neck and hairfall as her chief complaints. However, her main complaint and concern was the calf muscle pain (cramps) which was unbearable for her and was almost an everyday thing for … Continue reading

A Case study of Paranoid Schizophrenia: Homeopathy is saviour!!

  A 14 Yrs male child- says – ‘People always pick on me . It is me who is punished always, without any fault. In the school bus the kids tease me. The teacher blames that I start trouble. But I am not troubling ! They all gang up on me. People are always nasty … Continue reading


      In March a colleague told me that she had just found out about a Homeopathic pharmacy that had acquired the discharge from a COVID-19 patient and had produced the Homeopathic remedy from it. I ordered a 1M and a 10M potency. The order was not an easy transaction. The only contact was … Continue reading

Homeopathy for Psoriasis

  Patient: – 38 yrs. old male. Presentation: – Pustular Psoriasis (leg, arms few on back) since 8 yrs.      Psoriasis: – Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin, these skin patches are typically red patchy and scaly There are five main types of psoriasis: plaque, guttation, inverse, erythrodermic, pustular  … Continue reading


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