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Mid-Winter 2019 – Peri-, Post-, & Menopause

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Editorial – Mid-Winter 2019 ‘ Peri-, meno- & post-pause

Dear Reader,     Welcome to this issue of CLEVER H. – the Mag!   This time we are featuring a diverse range of articles on the stages, and complaints of Menopause.   Quite interestingly, while researching the topic, I was reminder to be more diligent and to avoid the mistake of creating ‘drawers’ containing … Continue reading

Surviving Menopause

    Our bodies are amazing. They speak to us, and speak to us, and speak to us.   This is never truer than when we go through any sort of hormonal shifts. And menopause remains up there as a pretty substantial shift Everything seems to get thrown up into the air, and who knows … Continue reading

Vaginal Dryness During Menopause

    It started as an idle conversation with my friend Johanna, 57. We talked about the usual stuff then got into family matters: how are the kids, the husband, work, etc. Then Johanna said her biggest regret was that she didn’t do the things that brought her more joy–before menopause. When she winked, I … Continue reading

Menopause – the midlife hormonal rollercoaster

    When my Mum was going through the menopause there certainly was no open discussion about it – closed subject, I don’t think I even knew what the word meant until I was into my 30’s and studying homeopathy. The taboo still exists but I feel great inroads are being made to bring this … Continue reading

Agnus castus – a remedy easing through Peri-menopause

        This valuable herbal medicine comes from a plant that is native to the Mediterranean plant. The medicinal effect is extracted from the ripe dried fruits of this shrub. In ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, Agnus castus was tightly interwoven in religious traditions, while being firmly embedded in the medical practices of … Continue reading

Homeopathy to up the mood during the transition

  The menopause is not only a change occurring in the physical body, it commonly also has an altering effect on the emotions of the woman transitioning. The disequilibrium of the hormones, the fluctuation between dominance and deficiency, can cause upheaval and havoc resulting in mood swings and not seldom in extremes that mount in … Continue reading


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