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Spring 2018 - Cancer

Editorial – Spring Issue 2018

Editorial – Spring Issue 2018


Dear Readers,


Ammonium valerianicum has become a very useful remedy in a case of neuralgic troubles and cervical angina. This patient had been suffering of states of vehement stress that occurred after a chiropractors treatment that went horribly wrong.


The patient had been adjusted in the neck and instantly had high blood pressure (250/145) and tachycardia (165). This immediately took him to the emergency room where it took over 4 hours and medication to bring the numbers down. Unfortunately the next day another trip to the emergency room became necessary because of a repeat of symptoms, and the coming 1/2 year saw the patient visit many doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, shiatzu therapists, craniosacral therapists and chiropractors, without really finding relief. Medical exams of heart and musculoskeletal structures did not yield any visible origin of the troubles this patient was exhibiting.


Not only did the ‘attacks’ of cardiac troubles become a thing of frequent recurrence, but other symptoms appeared in addition. This patient suffered from states of vagus nerve irritation, that made him lose all feeling and emotion, and left him without care for family and loved ones, nor did he, at times, retain the wish to be alive. He later described this as complete emptiness and loss of self.


In addition, the patient began having gastric symptoms, pain, bloatedness, and obstipation. He had frequent headaches, could not sleep, became irritable and aggressive towards his surroundings. He would be irritated by the slightest of opposition or reprimand. Even the simplest of movement, a turning of the head, a bending forward or getting up from a sitting position brought on the cardiac disturbances. He would then have tingling in his fingers, pain in the arms, numbness, and heat over the right side of his head. In extreme cases, he would have cold sweat on his forehead and his entire body would begin shivering.


I tried numerous remedies with some but a not conclusive effect on the patients’ symptomatology. This little remedy Ammonium valerianicum, has since its administration proven to be a little gem. Symptoms are relieved and the ‘attacks’ have since not reoccurred. It is too early to speak of full recuperation, but the evolution is hopeful.


The coming issue contains the following articles:



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I hope you enjoy this issue.





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