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Mid-Winter 2015 - Building Homeopathic Practice

A word from the Editor – Building Homeopathic Practice

 A word from the Editor – Building Homeopathic Practice

Dear Readers,



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The day we complete our education to become certified homeopaths questions surface that occupy our minds until we can happily and safely exclaim we are running a thriving practice.



When we step out into the professional world and begin our venture to set up our clinical practice, we are enthusiastic and full of drive and energy to start out on this new venture of becoming independently working practitioners. Yet, the likelihood is that this will be more of an adventure, boasting ups, but also downs.



With excitement, and giddy with enthusiasm we will carry out all those deeds and chores that will build the foundation of our business. Yes, we are building our own clinic, this is actually happening! As such, we will probably have sought, found, and will now rent clinic space where we will see our prospective patients, and we will or will have already invested in the essentials that we may need to accommodate for our clients at said clinic location. We will follow our idea of a business-plan that we have mapped out, will schedule our time-table and lay out our strategies for promoting our clinic and for creating a client base. At this stage we will probably already have invested in different forms of marketing and promotional material, and come the date of official opening of our clinic we will be sitting there, like “on hot coals” waiting for the phone to ring or a client to walk in.



If we are lucky, we will have our first client on the opening date, or at least somewhere near, and if we are even luckier we will see a number of patients; but, this will never, from the start, be a consistent and continuous flow of patients coming to purchase our services and to get treated by us. To create and ascertain an ever increasing client-base is a task that is tricky and that we do not all manage equally well. The hard part is not studying or attaining a degree or certificate that will allow us to practice, nor the renting of clinic space and setting it up, the hard part is staying on top of things, generating a clientele by letting the world effectively and efficiently know that we are there, offering a service of healthcare to them. The hardest part is earning a living from what we are doing!



This issue of ‘Clever H.’ seeks to shed some light onto the tips and strategies that may be useful in building homeopathic practice! Authors from diverse backgrounds have agreed to share some of their recommendations and experiences in articles on this topic! As such Keri Dawn Williams has written about ‘Creating a client attractive website’, Marcus Fernandez has shared ‘14 Top Tips For Building Your Homeopathic Practice’, Saskia Praat has given insights into ‘How I built my homeopathic practice in 6 months using Facebook-marketing’, Rebecca Liston shows us ‘What it Really Takes to Build a Successful Homeopathic Practice’, Kate Codrington explains ‘How to promote your practice with blogging’, and last but not least, Linda Rauch shares facts about ‘Creating and Maintaining an Effective Homeopathic Practice’.



Perhaps you too find some of these ideas and hints helpful or encouraging, and can use some of the information to build or promote your own practice. If so, we´d like to hear from you! In about half a years’ time, autumn or winter, there will be another issue on ‘building homeopathic practice’, and perhaps by then, you might like to share how you built your practice, how successful or not you have been following a certain strategy, what worked for you, or what difficulties have you encountered. It would be very exciting to hear more and learn more about building homeopathic practice!



On April 1st we launch the next issue of ‘Clever H.’ on the topic ‘Homeopathy for the young’. Late submissions will be accepted until 10th of February!




Happy reading!

All best!



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