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Environmental EMR –  An Obstacle To Cure

Environmental EMR –  An Obstacle To Cure



What is Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?


Mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi routers, antennas, smart meters, and a seemingly endless list of wireless devices and household appliances are designed to emit EMR, also called microwave radiation.  There were no pre-market trials of these goods to evaluate their safety when in use, and the effect of the radiation they transmit 24/7, even when not in use.



So, we have to pause and ask, as Gerald Goldberg MD, did in his book of the same title, “Would you put your head in a Microwave Oven?”  (1)  Well, obviously not, but still we allow whole towns and cities to become wifi hot zones, and fill our lives with superfluous devices which would have been considered weapons of war in a previous century.   I have spoken to people who remember the illnesses caused when the Soviets directed microwaves at the American Embassy in Moscow in the 1960s, causing miscarriages and later cancers, in staff who had served there. (2)



The radiation given off from these devices is often referred to as” radio wave frequencies”, making it sound familiar and safe.   It is also called non-ionising radiation, to differentiate it from gamma or nuclear radiation, but what we are learning to our cost, is that this radiation, is just as capable as nuclear radiation is, of causing disruption to the human organism at a molecular and a systemic level, and we experience this as symptoms of ill-health and disease.  There are several studies showing that non-ionising radiation, or microwave radiation, below the heating threshold, is capable of causing breaks in DNA and causing cell mutation, in much the same way that nuclear radiation does (3).



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How EMR Affects Our Health



The effects that sub-thermal microwave radiation can have are as individual and varied as each of us, but there are some common symptoms.  Acute and immediate effects are reported by some people who are hypersensitive to this e-smog, and in Sweden, having EHS (Electro-hypersensitivity) is a recognised functional disability.  Those with EHS have a right to protection from this environmental pollutant, but where EHS is not recognised as a functional disability, sufferers have no option but to isolate themselves in forests or remote countryside, in order to escape the debilitating effect this radiation has on their system.



There is the well documented case of two French women who have spent the past three years living in a cave (4), although another French EHS victim, Marine Richard, was recently compensated by a French court, which upheld her claim that her illness was brought on by exposure to microwave radiation, and paid compensation.(5)



In 2014 a group of medical doctors in the UK issued an open letter highlighting their concern over the safety of exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, and listed some of the common acute symptoms experienced as a result:  headaches, palpitations, rashes, fatigue, sleep disturbance, allergies, memory, and concentration problems.  In addition, they stated that long-term exposure to microwave radiation causes genetic damage, cognitive damage, cancer and decreased fertility.



In 2011, based on evidence showing a link with brain cancers, a panel of scientists brought together by IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) classed radiofrequency radiation from mobile and wireless devices as a 2b, or “possible” carcinogen.  Other environmental toxins in this category include DDT and lead (6).



EMR and Chronic Conditions



In 2007, when the microwave radiation from smart phones and WiFi was a fraction of the density we live with today, Tamara Mariea and George Carlo MD, studied the role of EMR in the aetiology of autism. (7)  The group of autistic children who had been shielded from any form of environmental EMR, during their treatment, were showing signs of having responded better to the treatments they had received, than the control group of children , matched for autistic traits and who been on an identical remedial programme, but who had not been protected from EMR.   This demonstrates the importance of identifying where EMR may be preventing a treatment from being fully effective, because of the dysfunction it can cause at a cellular level.  In the case of the autistic children it seemed to block the release of toxins and heavy metals, which was an important aspect of the treatment programme.



Possible Mechanisms for Harm



Homeopaths want to know what is stopping their patients from recovering.  We look for answers in the patient’s psyche, their medical history, their lifestyle, or their environment.  We may also check whether the remedy given was correct and potent.



Environmental challenges to health are many: toxins in our air, water and foods, and now we need to consider how microwave radiation from digital technology affects the human system, and can also change the frequency of our homeopathic remedies, making them less effective, or even useless.



We are constantly receiving and transmitting signals via subtle frequencies, which means that our biological rhythms can be disrupted by external environmental signals that change our cell to cell communication.


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Signals received by cell membrane receptors will influence how that cell behaves.  We have adapted over millennia to accommodate cosmic and solar radiation, but the advent of wireless radiation has been accomplished in less than one lifetime, so there has been not time for living organisms to adapt (18).  The polarised and pulsed frequencies that comprise modern day e-smog are varied and challenging for our biology, and can switch on or shut down natural processes, essential to health and well-being.



Scientific papers which describe the effects of sub-thermal microwave, radiofrequency radiation on the human body, are numerous and demonstrate how our systems respond to this stress.   There is a comprehensive list at . The mechanisms for biological damage include: affects on calcium ion channels and the subsequent increase in the movement of calcium through the cell membrane (8); the production of heat shock proteins (1); damage to the cell nucleus, DNA (3); mitochondrial damage affecting oxidation and energy; membrane permeability and gap junction leakage, with subsequent effect on the blood-brain barrier as well as digestion and other organ systems (9); affects on cell growth and apoptosis, which  is implicated in cancers, notably brain cancers (10); affects on the reproductive system including sperm motility and impaired ova (11); and changes in blood glucose balance.  Because EMR can disrupt cell to cell messaging, it has the potential to cause dysfunction at any level, including within the central nervous and endocrine system.(12)



Safeguarding Children



The past 20 years has seen wireless technologies, invade every aspect of family life, with children, pregnant women, the elderly or chronically ill, and other vulnerable groups, most at risk.



Modelling predicts that children absorb 60-100% more radiation into their brains than adults, and 900% more into their bone marrow. Children are more likely to be damaged by any effects of wireless technologies because their bodies are still developing; cells are dividing more; their skulls are thinner and their brains more conductive, carrying the signals further into the brain.



For almost twenty years I have observed how my clients’ issues improve as soon as they switch off the WiFi at home, and choose to use a cabled internet connection and phone.  Symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, nose bleeds, poor concentration, hyperactive behaviour and even heart arrhythmias have responded to this reduction in environmental radiation.



In one case,  a Mother who had struggled to manage her one year old son’s extensive eczema with diet, remedies, topical ointments, and anti-allergenic clothing, reported that a week after I advised her to “cable up” at home, his skin was completely clear, for the first time in 12 months; and this was before I had even sent a single homeopathic remedy.



In another case, a Mother of two toddlers, whose boys had been refused admission to various playgroups and nurseries because of their hyperactive behaviour, found them calm and focused after a two week holiday in the countryside.  Their house, it turned out, was overlooked by an array of phone masts.  They had been eating, sleeping and playing in the main beam of a 3G phone mast since birth.  The family chose to move house within months of this discovery.  Sadly, the primary school, on whose roof the mast was erected, did nothing to protect the children in the playground below, or neighbours across the street.



Parents and teachers are encouraged to introduce wireless devices to children from an early age, despite the fact that every mobile phone comes with a booklet explaining that the apparatus should be kept at a distance from the body (usually about 2.4cms).  New parents are sold baby buggies with in-built transmitters, women encouraged to wear bras with integral phone pockets, and phone apps for babies, not to mention baby sleeping suits with built in transmitters to monitor baby’s heart rate.



Barrie Trower (11) has warned repeatedly about the dangers to the reproduction system of the foetus if exposed to microwave radiation in utero.  This is most serious  in girls who are born with a lifetime of eggs already formed and waiting to mature.  We need to advise our pregnant clients that the more “old fashioned” ways of working and communicating are best for baby.  This means avoiding cordless and mobile phones and WiFi internet connections, and NEVER balancing a lap-top on their bump! (13)



For more information on safeguarding children go to the Safe Schools Information Technology Association website,  , which is focused on the issues concerning WiFi in schools and nurseries.  You will find information about the latest health research and talks on Youtube from scientists and medical doctors, as well as advice to parents and teachers interested in how to use technology safely.



New Ways of Living and Thriving  in the Wireless Age



Many parents are aware that it is not healthy for their children to be in front of a screen all day, and especially at night, when the blue light from a screen will disrupt the production of melatonin, and reduce the restorative quality of sleep.  Many households insist that all equipment is switched off hours before bedtime.  In a recent article about the family habits of CEOs (14), a number reported that although their working day was spent designing or promoting communications technologies, their own children’s use was restricted.  They understood how easily a habit can become an  addiction, as each text message or e-mail comes with a little dopamine reward!



In addition to screen addiction, recent concerns about children’s health have focused on chronic fatigue, hyperactivity and behavioural problems,  brain tumours (15) and autism (16).  While the aetiology of these conditions cannot be attributed solely to EMR, it has been shown to be a contributing factor, and importantly for our work as homeopaths, an obstacle to cure.



Protection from EMR



In my own practice I test each client to make sure that environmental EMR is not acting as an obstacle to cure, or a trigger for their dis-ease.  There are a number of ways to do this: by muscle testing, or dowsing, or simply by asking them to switch off all WiFi and eliminate EMR from their lives for a minimum of two weeks and see how they feel.  Because this is so much harder to do now than it was a few years ago, I also advise them to protect themselves from the radiation they will encounter in public places, or streaming through the party wall from their neighbour, or worse still a smart meter on their property.  At least, until they can convince their neighbour to cable up, and get the smart meter replaced with a safe analogue one.



There are a range of protective devices, and I have heard from my clients that some of them work well for them.  In my own experience, there is one device that is easily available, and which I have found helps my system to release radiation, and stay balanced.  I use the Light Images protection Pendant and House Box.  These devices were developed by a homeopath, and are based on the principles of scared geometry.   For more about scared geometry and its role in relieving the side-effects of EMR take a look at a TV programme made by Swiss TV about a village that used this system to protect themselves, their plants, and their animals after a mast was erected in Hemberg.!home/mainPage



I also advise clients to do whatever they can to eliminate EMR from their environment, and above all to make sure they get 8 hours sleep in a “quiet zone” with no winking LED lights, phones or screens left on over-night.  This enables the body to repair and recover, which is after all the point of sleep.  Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, a specialist in this area, has written about the importance of Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary where healing can occur (17).



Treatment With Remedies



I do not believe that there are specific remedies for specific conditions.  So although we have plenty of remedies made from mobile phone, or phone mast radiation etc, it may be something else that the body/mind needs to assist it to recover from the side-effects of radiation, or a treatment programme which includes several remedies.  The priority will be to remove any obstacles to cure at the start of treatment, and support the process of releasing radiation from the system with the appropriate drainage remedies.



Treatment for a particular condition may be needed.  Radiation is a great promoter of fungal conditions such as candida; it reduces melatonin production and disturbs sleep;  is a cause of hormonal balance; and can be a cause of eczema or skin rashes.  I recently heard a GP talk about “lap-top dermatitis”!  Once the body has released the latent radiation, and protection from active environmental radiation is in place, your client may still need remedies to support specific organs or organ systems that have been affected.  It is always a good idea to check thyroid health as this gland is very sensitive to any form of radiation.



EMR is an obstacle to cure and needs to be removed from the client’s environment in order to allow their system to respond to treatment.  If you try treating the eczema without removing the maintaining cause, then you are unlikely to be successful.   Cure also depends on re-educating parents and their children on safe ways of working with technology in the digital age.



These books and website offer further help and information about this issue



The Force: living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution, Lyn McLean, Scribe Melbourne 2011


An Electronic Silent Spring, Katie Singer, 2014   A great resource for scientific articles and studies                   Information on EHS and allergies           Interviews with scientists and the latest news                        Offers information and support to people with EHS                      Created to help young people use mobile phones more safely.




(1) Would You Put Your Head in a Microwave Oven ? Microwave Radiation: An Emerging Healthcare Crisis.  2006






(3) A good source for this research and studies of many other effects of EMR is Dr Devra Davis’ book, “Disconnect: the truth about cell phone radiation”, Dutton, 2010. Also her website intended to educate families about the risks and solutions to the problem of mobile phone radiation /









(6) British Medical  Doctors Open  Letter



See also the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, which “presents educational programmes on Chronic Disease: Highlighting Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Lyme, Mycotoxicity, Autism, Cancer and More.



The purpose of this educational activity is to further discussion among health care providers about the emerging links between chronic illness and environmental exposures. It is important to emphasize this connection and encourage the health care community to recognize that these relationships exist.”




(7) Wireless  Radiation in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism: Clincal Observations and Mechanisms, T. Mariea and George Carlo, J Aust Coll Nutr & Env Med Vol 26 No2 (Aug 2007).



(8) Prof Martin Pall discusses a mechanism for EMR disruption



(9) elds/



(10) Int J Oncol. 2011 May;38(5):1465-74. doi: 10.3892/ijo.2011.947. Epub 2011 Feb 17.



A pooled analysis of case-control studies on malignant brain tumours and the use of mobile and cordless phones including living and deceased subjects.



Hardell L1Carlberg MHansson Mild K.



(11)       The dangers of WiFi to women and Children.  An interview with scientists Barrie Trower



Guys your cellphone is damaging your sperm.



(12) Prof Olle Johansson discusses the facts



(13) Reducing exposure to EMR for babies.



(14) Steve Jobs was a Low-Tech Parent 






(16) Parents explain the link between autism and EMR  



The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields Problems and solutions Dr Andrew Goldsworthy March 2012






Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary



(18) Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity       Dimitris J. Panagopoulos1,2,3, Olle Johansson4, George L. Carlo5



The present study in combination with the “Ion Forced-Oscillation theory” ( shows that environmentally accounted EMF intensities from power lines or mobile phone antennas are strong enough to potentially disrupt the function of any living cell/organism. Therefore, “lack of mechanism” is not the case anymore.


Excellent explanation by Dr Martin Pall of the role of EMFs in autism

A well researched article in which a mother describes how EMR in her children’s school made them ill:





About the author:


Patty Hemingway MA , DHom(Med). Patty Hemingway is a qualified homeopath, and EFT Master Practitioner, with extensive experience of treating people of all ages with chronic conditions, including Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).    She sees people in her clinic in London, and also offers phone and Skype consultations to those unable to travel.  She believes in an integrated approach to restoring health and well-being; for example, offering support to those in therapy ,or undergoing surgery, or clients wishing to reduce,  or come off allopathic drugs.  For more articles and  information see  or contact her at



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