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The name is derived from the Latin word ferrum which means iron. It is the fourth most common element on earth and it is the basic material of all forms of steel. It has been used since prehistoric times, since the iron age to be precise. It has traditionally been used for the manufacture of both weapons and tools and these two words are exactly the words we can use to describe the main themes of Ferrum: i.e. fighting and performing your task.

Ferrum is the ideal material for the construction of tools: machines, vehicles, furniture, bridges, nails and screws. We couldn’t imagine our present day technical society without iron.

Symbol: Fe
Group: VIII A
Series: 4
Atomic no: 26
Atomic weight: 56



  • Iron is the strongest and stable metal and so are the ferrum personalities they are solid, stable and firmly
  • Iron on heated becomes red hot and so are the ferrum personalities who can’t bear any contradiction. At high temperature, iron changes its physical form so are the ferrum they are having very changeable character.



Person is weak anaemic muscles are flabby and relaxed
Skin is pale waxy delicate transparent and earthy colour puffy face lips and tongue irregular distribution of blood
Temperament sanguine.



Firmness is the keynote of Ferrum personality. They are solid, stable, steady and determined people. They are very watchful about their personal stage and boundaries. Ferrum doesn’t like anyones interuption in their work, any contradiction or opposition in their plan make them angry. They like to remain resolute. Dominating on family.

Ferrums are very hard working, work dedicately, using lot of energy and achieving success. They are responsible and are best in leading.

According to Scholten- there is usually a history of abuse in childhood and they grownup in apprehension. These apprehension takes the form of being sensitive to other people’s opinion.

Phatak’s Materia Medica gives the symptom ‘always in the right’.

Ferrum situation is one which requires both performance and defence against somebody forcing him to do something against his will. Therefore they become very strong-willed, very rigid and stiff in their attitude so that they cannot take any contradiction.

One of the main themes is battle and fights. It is as though they are always at war, fighting to defend into the water, of seeing dead friends and relatives and of seeing their old school again.



  • Ailments from anger, vexation
  • Ailments from scorn, being scorned
  • Anxiety of conscience, as if guilt of crime
  • Company, aversion to, friends or intimate
  • Contradiction, disposition to
  • Contradiction, intolerant of
  • Delusion, war, being at
  • Dictatorial
  • Haughty
  • Obstinate
  • Quarrelsome
  • Strength increased, mental
  • Fear, crossing a bridge or place, of
  • Fear, crowd, in a
  • Fear, misfortune, of
  • Fear, evil, of
  • Occupation ameliorates
  • Dreams, of battles
  • Dreams, of war



C.N.S cerebral cortex, frontal lobe hypofunction
Tired, weakness mental fatigue
Eye and ear inflammation visual disturbances hearing diminished
Gut enlarged prostrate irregular menses prolapse of uterus
Sensory organs hypersensitive to external stimuli
G.I.T reduced peristalsis
Liver and Spleen enlargement
Respiratory system dry irritating cough
CVS- bood pressure increased, arteriosclerosis
Skin allergic dermatitis
Bones rheumatic pain in joints



  • All the ferrum remedies are right sided except Ferrum Muraticum.
  • All the ferrum remedies are chilly except Ferrum Iodatum.
  • Ferrum indicated in intermitting types of fever, particularly after the abuse of quinine. During the heat distension of the blood vessels, particularly about the temples and face, throbbing headache, enlargement of the spleen, and even dropsy.
  • Marked desire for tomato and meat.
  • Aversion to eggs.
  • Blood pressure fluctuating.
  • Menses copious, bright red.
  • All complaints ameliorated by slow movement.
  • Useful remedies in shoulder rheumatism especially deltoid rheumatism.
  • Useful in headache and migraine which is of right sided.


  1. Jan Scholten. Homoeopathy and the Elements. Mumbai; 1996. Homoeopathic Medical Publishers. 880 p.
  2. Rajan Sankaran. Structure, Volume-2. Mumbai; 2009. Homoeopathic Medical Publishers. 1056 p.
  3. E.A. Farrington. Clinical Materia Medica. New Delhi; 2012. B. Jain Publishers. 826 p.

Glossary of Abbreviations:

  • CNS- Central nervous system
  • GIT- Gastro instestinal track
  • CVS- Cardio vascular system

About the Author:

Dr Vibha Mevada


Founder: Samragee Homeopathic clinic

Director: Samragee Yoga Studio

Director: Wellness Rediscover Club

Ex-Coordinator Scientific Committee Board, AIHSAYA


101, Suyansh Apartment, Narendra Tiwari Marg, Indore (452009), M.P.

9111005009, 9111005008


Dr Vibha is a budding & enthusiastic homeopath. Got trained with world renowned homeopaths- Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Dinesh Chouhan, and many more. She completed her B.H.M.S from DKMM, HMC (Nashik University), Maharashtra, India in 2015. Did PG courses CCAH (Certificate Course in Advance Homeopathic) & MCAH (Master Course in Advance Homeopathic) from The Other Song International Academy of Advance Homeopathy, Mumbai, India in 2016.

She is Founder of Samragee Homeopathic Clinic, her passion about homeopathy gives her fame and she is successfully running homeopathic practice since last 3 years at Indore, India.

She is Director of Samragee Yoga studio and running online and offline yoga classes, as well Director of Wellness Rediscover Club also.

She was Ex-Coordinator Scientific Committee Board of All India Homeopathic Student and Youth Association (AIHSAYA).

She is Author at many national and international homeopathic journals like, NJH, etc.

She is speaker (webinar) at various national and international platforms.




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