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Leucorrhoea also known as fluor albus, is a thick, whitish, yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge. It has also been referred to as “the whites”. There are many causes of leucorrhoea, the usual one being oestrogen imbalance. The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection, and it may disappear and reappear from time to time. This discharge can keep occurring for years, in which case it becomes more yellow and strong-smelling. It is usually a non-pathological symptom secondary to inflammatory conditions of the vagina or cervix.

Vaginal discharge is normal, and causes of change in discharge include infection, malignancy, and hormonal changes. It sometimes occurs before an adolescent female has her first period, and is considered a sign of puberty.


Physiologic Leucorrhoea-

It can be a natural defence mechanism that the vagina uses to maintain its chemical balance, as well as to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. The term “physiologic leucorrhoea” is used to refer to leucorrhoea due to oestrogen stimulation.

Leucorrhoea may occur normally during pregnancy. This is caused by increased blood flow to the vagina due to increased oestrogen. Female infants may have leucorrhoea for a short time after birth due to their in-uterine exposure to oestrogen.

Inflammatory Leucorrhoea-

It may also result from inflammation or congestion of the vaginal mucosa. In cases where it is yellowish or gives off an odour, it could be a sign of several disease processes, including an organic bacterial infection (aerobic vaginitis) or STD.

After delivery, leucorrhoea accompanied by backache and foul-smelling lochia may suggest the failure of involution due to infection. A number of investigation such as wet smearGram stain, culture, pap smear and biopsy are suggested to diagnose the condition.

Parasitic Leucorrhoea-

Leucorrhoea is also caused by trichomonads, a group of parasitic protozoan, specifically Trichomonas vaginalis. Common symptoms of this disease are burning sensation, itching and discharge of frothy substance, thick, white or yellow mucous.


CASE 1 8/F

  • Leucorrhoea since 4 years.
  • Milky discharge.
  • Burning & itching.
  • Parts become red.
  • Smells bad.
  • Weakness after discharge.
  • Soreness of parts.



Sepia 200 sd

Sl 30 TDS 4 weeks


1st Follow Up:

  • Leucorrhoea reduce.
  • No itching is there.
  • Redness reduced.
  • No weakness.


Sl 30 TDS 4 weeks

2nd Follow Up:

  • No any complain.
  • Sleepiness was there before- better now.


No medicine


  1. White discharge since 7 days.
  • Profuse discharge+++.
  • Bland discharge.
  • Thick leucorrhoea.
  1. Constipation since 8-10 days.
  • Hard & unsatisfactory stools.
  • Appetite diminish.


  • female; LEUCORRHEA; stool; during (11)
  • female; LEUCORRHEA; thick (100)
  • female; LEUCORRHEA; bland (58)
  • rectum; CONSTIPATION; difficult stool (304)
  • rectum; CONSTIPATION; women, in (28)
  • rectum; CONSTIPATION; insufficient, incomplete, unsatisfactory stools (158)


Lachesis 200 bd x 3d
Sl 30 bd x 10d


  • Leucorrhoea cured 100% after 2 days.
  • Constipation was not there after 5 days of medicine.

Homeopathic Remedies for Leucorrhoea

1. Sepia Officinalis: treat Leucorrhoea mainly in women at the menopause age with excessive hot flushes, perspiration, and weakness. This medicine is very beneficial when the vaginal discharge is yellowish green in colour with excessive itching in the vulva. Another prominent feature for using Homeopathic medicine Sepia Officinalis is the presence of bearing down sensation in the pelvis as if the pelvic organs would come out from vulva.

2. Alumina: The symptom that guides towards its use is very acrid and transparent discharge from vagina that causes excessive burning and itching in genitals. Such burning gets better by washing the parts with cold water. Another indication for the use of Alumina in patients of Leucorrhoea is that the discharge is very profuse and even runs down till the heels. The complaint of vaginal discharge is worse during day time and after menses and the patient is physically and mentally exhausted after menses.

3. Calcarea Carbonica: Calcarea Carbonica is the best remedy for milky white vaginal discharge along with itching in the vulva. Leucorrhoea getting worse from exertion or when urinating is a strong indication towards the use of Calcarea Carbonica. This Homeopathic medicine also brings about very good results in Leucorrhoea in little girls who perspire excessively on head and feel very cold.

4. Kreosotum: Leucorrhoea is very offensive and acrid, causing violent corrosive itching of genitals. The vaginal discharge is yellow and always leaves a yellow stain on the linen. The condition gets worse between periods. Standing makes the discharge worse and the patient feels better while sitting or lying down.

5. Natrum Muriaticum: For thick, white and transparent vaginal discharge which gets worse while walking. Contractive pains in the abdomen usually accompany Leucorrhoea. The women requiring this medicine are mainly anemic and crave for salty things in excess.

6. Hydratis: Hydratis Canadensis is best for patients of Leucorrhoea who experience a vaginal discharge that is yellow, thick and ropy and hangs down in long strings. Excessive itching is always felt. The discharge is worse immediately following menses with a lot of weakness. Another strong feature for using Hydratis Canadensis is the presence of some liver complaint or constipation in women along with Leucorrhoea.

About the Author:

Dr Vibha Mevada


Director: Samragee Homeopathic clinic

Director: Samragee Yoga Studio

Director: Wellness Rediscover Club

Chief Editor The Homoeo Healers Newsletter

Ex-Coordinator Scientific Committee Board, AIHSAYA


101, Suyansh Apartment, Narendra Tiwari Marg, Indore (452009), M.P.

9111005009, 9111005008

Dr Vibha got trained with world renowned homeopaths- Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Dinesh Chouhan, and many more. She completed her B.H.M.S from DKMM, HMC (Nashik University), Maharashtra, India in 2015. Did PG courses CCAH & MCAH from The Other Song International Academy of Advance Homeopathy, Mumbai, India in 2016.

She is Founder of Samragee Homeopathic Clinic and successfully running homeopathic practice since last 3 years at Indore, India.

She is Director of Samragee Yoga studio and running online and offline yoga classes, as well Director of Wellness Rediscover Club also.

She is Ex Coordinator Scientific Committee Board of All India Homeopathic Student and Youth Association (AIHSAYA).

She is Author at many national and international homeopathic journals and Speaker (webinar) at various national and international platforms.


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