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Hold your horses: A Case of Hypothyroidism

Hold your horses: A Case of Hypothyroidism



A 33 years old male patient came to us with the complaints of Hypothyroidism. His TSH when he came to us was 90! He was on very high doses of Levothyroxine. His complaints started one day suddenly when he was playing his cricket. A sudden weakness and pain in legs incapacitated him and he had to be on bed rest. Upon investigations it was found his TSH has shot up tremendously. Additionally, he complained of swelling and pain in the back which is pulling in nature and radiates to his legs. He also has pain in chest area since childhood which suddenly comes and goes. The pain is in spots and lasts for a few minutes.



Case History: As given by Patient:

I don’t feel 100% fit. I can be fitter. My body is straining. Agility has gone down. Now my body is getting stretched when compared to my college days. I get tired or stamina has gone down. I can’t be agile. Energy has gone down. Initially I could stretch, run, jump, dive as much as I wanted to, but now I cannot put extra effort. My nerve gets pulled. I start gasping for breath in 15-20 mins of running. It doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t like it like this. I want to get back to that stage.



Physically fit and conscious. I want to be FREE.

The patient did come in an acute stage; however, this is a very typical presentation of this family. The consciousness of their body- the need to be fit, agile, free.

D: What is Free?

P: I can’t replicate what I could do before. There is a discomfort.

D: Describe this discomfort. How does this experience to not be free?

P: I am passive. Sometimes I want to go back. When I think about it consciously. I feel disappointment.

There is sadness & disappointment associated with this state.

D: Not free means?

P: Trapped? Disabled. Disabled- disappointment.

D: Can you give an analogy to this situation

Generally, we would ask the analogy (to relate to source) at the end of the case. However, since the patient is already talking sensation words in the first few minutes of the case, it seemed appropriate to nub a little deep.

P: Tree—Donkey. Tree is nature

Donkey—works very hard and keeps working all the time. Donkey would be stressed. He is given work- he is not appreciated. Like a maid. She has to be given work.

Born to take all the stress- so may be a donkey.

Nobody thinks about him- poor chap.

Better respected than donkeys- may be for commercial reasons.

Nobody appreciates the donkey.

Most underestimated animal.

I feel not acknowledged many times.

Wow, the patient directly correlates to a Donkey- key words are not appreciated, born to take all the stress, work.

Should we have prescribed Donkey already? The answer would be No. While, the family or group is seemingly clear. We can’t be sure just yet, we would need to confirm this in all the spheres to find the exact subminimum.

D: Talk about it a little more

P: There are tens of things you do when at work but, somewhere you still feel that you can do more.

You have given your best- but it is still thought of there is more you could do.

Physical self has given everything. Handling 10 different things at a time. It’s a conflict in your head. I could have done better, or I have done best. Somewhere what I am doing is wrong- what should I do-improve- how do I get clarity.

It’s a conflict- mood dependent.  I did the right thing-I gave my best. I cannot help what opposite person thinks.

I don’t know what to do- cloud, clarity of thought, blank call.

How can I get better- who is going to teach me- to get better?

Work, getting better, Effort- a lot of effort.

D: What the meaning of disappointment?

P: Loop in my head. Keeps playing in my head again & again. Energy is only on that. Focused on it.

Feeling- wants the opposite person who has caused me disappointment- I want him to know he has caused me disappointment. Now I want to prove it to that person- that it is wrong- how I don’t know. You are wrong, have thought wrong.

It is person dependent— I want that person to feel sorry.

That person should comfort me after realizing his mistake.

D: Explain comfort

P: just be nice, warm hug. The admission of sorry is enough it makes it easy for me.

Hold me tight, cuddle me, hug me—if it’s my wife

Friend: admits to it, apologizes – I get okay immediately.

Closure is very important for me—with that person. 

A warm hug, an apology, a closure.

D: What goes in your mind-

P: It plays in my mind- disappointed, angry, suffocated, unable to express

D: Talk about suffocation

P: Restless, breathless, suffocation 

If you have paper and pencil, at one point you are scribbling and scribbling that is suffocation.

Trapped into something. You cannot get it out—disagreement- closure.

You can’t breathe- you want to be happy, scream and shout and open your arms.

Coffin boxes- made to sleep inside that- you can’t move here or there- you can’t go out.

This experience of trapped, suffocation, unable to move has come again and the remedy must cover this.

D: Dreams?

P: Situation in dream—I am trying to run and someone is following me. I am running behind a train, someone is trying to kill me.

I am trying as hard as I can. I am putting full energy- running at the speed of 2-3km/hr Trying very hard, but your body is not moving in. It’s a suffocation feeling- frustration—I am putting double the energy- I can’t run. There is a lot of fear

Is this the theme of donkey? To be able to run? To put all your effort and when you are unable to run you feel trapped, suffocated?

D: What is the fear?

P: Situation is different, running for something. Frustration, suffocation. You want to breathe normally- trying hard to breathe- unable to express. Running around out in nature- freely- sports- feeling happy.

D: Sensations in the body when suffocation

P: breathless, restless, feeling low

  • Just out of the situation, don’t want to be in- don’t know how

  • But that’s what I want to do.

This sphere has to be thoroughly evaluated. We need to see what else?

D: Anything else about yourself?

P: I am very close to my mother. Immense love and affection for her.

With dad I have a lot of disagreements.  For my Wife I have endless love for her but at the same time there is insecurity of multiple things. I don’t know if I will be able to keep her happy. Am I keeping her happy-there is pressure.

Family is most important. Happy family is more important than luxuries- happy & connected.

Can pull of wonders

D: What is your place in the family?

P: Bridge, connecting point—who brings everyone together.

Isolated, trying to find peace with other people.

I try and keep myself alone, I calm myself down. It’s a difficult time—if I am in person—I need to take the time off, I won’t be able to calm down. 

Little conscious and worried –better to be away then kill a relationship.

This is also very crucial. To be with family, to ensure they are together without conflicts. Everyone must be together. Keep your anger & disappointment suppressed to keep the family happy & connected.

D: Any Fears?

P: snakes- creepy- just the way they are—fear. Fear of uncertainty. 

Fear of drowning. Unable to breath, suffocating. 

Fear of non-acceptance. And then suppression. 

D: How are you with animals?

P: I like dogs, elephants, horse

D: Tell more about this.

P: Tall & well-built horses- their personality, look structure – I absolutely love them.

Strength and fitness of a horse. Dogs are cute-friendly and play with.

My wife calls me “horsie” with love.

D: Anything else?

P: Situations at home get a little upsetting, how it will end? How to overcome it

Where everyone is at peace-balance

D: Are you competitive?

P: Not really except in sports. Some people believe in leading. I believe that all are equal an going together. People are considered equal. Not ahead of you. 

However, in sports winning is important. I don’t get very wild or angry on losing though.




Physical General:

Thermally Hot & Thirst less



Case analysis:

The area/group of remedies was very clear from the very beginning of the case. However, a detailed case taking not only confirms the exact similimum but it also very healing to the patient as they explore deeper layers of themselves.

The key words in the case were:

  • Sports, Fitness, Agile, Strength.

  • Trapped, suffocation, unable to do.

  • Family, connected, together

  • Disappointment, suppressed anger

  • Pressure, perform, struggle to get better (superhuman effort)

  • Not to lead, just be equal together.

Ofcourse the cherry on the cake for the correlation to donkey, horses, being call “horsie”

This indicates the Equidae family. The key themes of the Equidae family is of:

Power and Strength:

  • All equids have issue of power and strength but is not about leading or being authoritative.

  • It is about having enough self-confidence so have enough capabilities in the group.

  • Even though their strength and power they feel restrained and pulled back by others.

Extraordinary in comparison to others:

  • Need to perform extraordinary and praised by same is very important for them.

  • They have capacity to do things differently and more efficiently.

Though their self-sufficiency they are dependent:

  • This is main conflict in these cases, though they are powerful, they need to submit to others, and it gives them held back feeling.

As per the Personal Evaluation Method by Dr. Gandhi:

  • Equidae belong to the 5th column. With themes of School, duty, cannot do wrong, perform.

  • And, early Childhood where there is dependence of the family.

Lac Equinum is like a cow-exploited, and like a dog needs to please. While, the patient gave analogy to Donkey which also belongs to the Equidae family other themes of being stupid, self-worthlessness was missing in other spheres of his life. Instead the focus was on freedom, restriction, need to perform and to be appreciated.

Our own clinical experience with several cases of Lac Equinum are as follows:

  • Focused, Work, Do-er

  • SPORTS is a big theme. Love for physical activity like running, swimming. Desire to be active/fit/muscular. Issues when agility is at stake.

  • Loyalty to a great extent. As if life is completely dependent on the master. This is even more than lac can.

  • Disappointment and sadness in relationship. Sadness more than aggression. Family- willing to do anything to please & bind the family. Unable to voice out anger/feelings

  • Analogy to horses and it’s reins with hand gesture. Pulled back, Held Back

  • Dreams of family, danger to family, special bond with own children

  • I am not good enough

In this case analysis is based on sensation method and was not repertorized.






Lac Equinum 1M

Sac. Lac for 15 days

Follow up:

The patient did extremely well. He was given infrequent doses of Lac Equinum. His reports are showing great improvement and his allopathic medicine doses have been slowly tapered.

Physically he is better and emotionally getting much better. In one of his recent follow ups he described a dream where he was in a difficult situation. He was outside a restaurant and someone is trying to steal his car. He chases and runs behind the car with great speed. The patient was delighted with this dream, since he used to previously dream of wanting to run fast, chase but unable to do so.

He feels freer and less restricted. He is continuing to follow-up with us.







About the Authors:

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya, M.D &

Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS

Healing Harmony is a Homeopathic Holistic healing initiative. Their approach is multi-dimensional, and they offer a range of holistic therapies like meditation, yoga, diet and counselling along with homeopathic treatment. They also conduct health retreats called “Karvaan” to help their clients move from fragments to whole. Insightful and passionate, Dr. Prajakta Vaidya and Dr. Preety Shah are a dynamic duo with over 10 + years of practice together at their couple of clinics in Mumbai, India.


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