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There is ‘no scientific proof’ …homeopathic designation removed!

There is ‘no scientific proof’ …homeopathic designation removed!

Bremen – The additional designation “homeopathy” for German medics is deleted from the (model) further education regulations (MWBO). The 126th German Doctors’ Congress decided on a corresponding application a few days ago with a clear majority. There were only few dissenting votes, the announced on Thursday, 26. Of Mai 2022.

The German doctor’s institute justified this decision while referring to the claim that there is “no scientific prove” whatsoever proving the evidence-based use of homeopathy. “As a result, the principles according to which the acquisition of knowledge in further training could be checked in a collegial discussion were in fact missing”, the panel stated.

This is the conventional position which is being put into place whenever conventional medical institutes discuss this matter in this country. Despite all the evidences the HRI, Homeopathy Research Institute, London, or other, even Universities, like in Switzerland, are able to provide.

Several medical conference delegates of the above named circle referred to the above argument, completely ignoring other existing evidences during the discussion. Among other things, Klaus Thierse from the Berlin Medical Association, spoke out in favor of removing homeopathy from the MWBO. Like other delegates, he pointed out that homeopathic doctors would still be able to practice this type of care (without any further knowledge).

The head of the Bremen Medical Association, Johannes Grundmann, once again pointed out in the debate that it is not about forbidding people to use homeopathic remedies. “But it is the task of the medical associations to set and check defined and verifiable learning goals,” he said.

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There would be a lot of veritable holistic aspects, even for approved academics to look at, which in fact are being hidden in any official discussion within the Western world.

In September 2020, the Bremen Medical Association was the first chamber to remove homeopathy from its further training regulations. The lawsuit filed by a Bremen doctor, on the other hand, was subsequently dismissed in two instances. Most recently, the Bremen Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) was the first KV to terminate three selective contracts for the payment of homeopathic services.

In most German mainstream media the issue has been a headline.

At the same time the German By now the situation in Germany is that approved and non-approved practitioners are learning more or less from the same sources – non academic sources. Same applies for the animal sections.

But at least for the animal section the new Medical law allows only approved therapists to be allowed to prescribe homeopathic remedies.

At the moment the situation in Germany is: Those therapists who have a homeopathic education, which if it really is a homeopathic training, are able to exhibit basic trainings um to four to five years schooling. Those who have no training now are the only ones allowed to prescribe homeopathic remedies. In the human sector at the moment there are still the German Heilpraktiker who also is allowed to work with homeopathic remedies. But the existence of this species is also under bombardment.

In the end the obvious aim of the German hierarchies is to eliminate homeopathy and to announce conventional medicine to be without alternative. All this seems to be part of preparing this world for the NOW.




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