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Kavi’s Eye

Kavi’s Eye

The healing story about Kavi’s eye, a Maincoon cat, is representing six main issues careholders and non-approved practitioners and animal homeopaths, in Germany are confronted with since January 2022, when the new Medcine-act, TAMG, for all animals came into force, no matter if pets or lifestock are concerned:

  1. Animals where conventional vets conclude that the patient happens to be out of therapy from their point of view are threatened with euthanasia, which in any case is covered by the Animal Welfare Act.
  2. Non-approved animal homeopaths or naturopaths are not allowed to intervene anymore, even this is the caretaker’s decision and would be possible from the professional point of homeopathy or naturopathy. (The tradition of nonapproved therapists in Europe, for humans and animals alike, especially in Germany, goes way back to Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and others )
  3. As only conventional vets these days are allowed to prescribe homeopathic remedies, the so called human remedies which are defined as “nicht verschreibungspflichtige Humanarzneimittel”, as most of the homeopathic and natural remedies are subsumed, the situation becomes absurd as the conventional vets have no clue whatsoever concerning holistic approaches. Especially animal homeopathy has in general been kicked from the desk, though there is a handfull vets still available who mainly have been trained abroad where they gained their homeopathic knowledge or other holistic methods. But they are definitely not capable to cover the increasing demand. German Universities are refusing to teach animal homeopathy.
  4. The careholder is criminalized by the new TAMG, if he/she applies his/her animal with these remedies without the approval of the conventional vet who in most cases has never heard a word about the alternative methods nor in most cases is even interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge.
  5. The non-approved therapists with their up to five years alternative trainings are no longer allowed to prescribe the above named remedies, nor the careholder can seek the advice from there any longer.
  6. After nearly six months after the new law came into force we are facing a therapy emergency within medical supplies for animals in Germany.

Kavis story

Kavi, Maincoon, born 19.7.2013, bred pedigree cat, 9kg, 1. Owner, living together in mainly peaceful cooperation with Pino, a housecat, and the careholder.

The acute Situation started 26.8.2020

Vet Consulting

Diagnose: teary eye, right eye, result of an eye injury, laboratory findings: Herpes-Virus-infection

Treatment: Dexa-Gentamicin, Allercan, Virgan, Floxal, weekly check.

Slight improvement, then worse.

The vet and the owner assumed that Kavi could have had contact with a thorn hedge as he loves to be outside, above all hunting birds.

He received a ruff and was not allowed out.

A brownish edge appeared in the eye what the vet assumed to be a healing reaction, but he warned that the pathogen could spread further. He expected the animal to perhaps lose its sight.

Application of an ointment containing cortisone (Allercan), to suppress the growth of the vessels, what worked.

Die inflammation was not getting better.

So the cat had Floxal, Hylonight, Virgan. Corneregl, no improvement. The vet recommended Famvir. But the carholder, Heilpraktikerin, did not approve.

She tried Colloidal Silver, CDL, Saline solution.

By that time the cat showed signs of depressions, was even more picky on his food and annoyed if no matter who tried to apply whatever.

The cat is allowed to see the garden again.

Two weeks bevore consultation in my practice the careholder tried Natrium chloratum C200, as a so called homeopathic cat book recommended. No improvement.

Careholder is desperate.

Kavi came to my practice the first time on 15.12.2020 .

Initial animal homeopathy anamneses

Bevor Kavi moved to the then still couple’s household, they had saved a black male cat (27.10.2012), Merlin, from a cannel, after their first Cat Moritz died 1,5 years earlier with lung cancer. He was followed by Pino in 2011 who already was a patient of mine since October 2020 with severe diarrhea and the habit of stealing and eating everything, heavily begging for food.

“Merlin has been so beautiful. He touched my heart,”said the careholder. and he slept in her bed. The problem: from the very beginning he did not eat. His condition became so bad that the owners consulted a clinic. A few days later they learned that the cat was treated in an oxygen tent and screaming. Euthanasia without having had the chance to see him again.

This has been so terrible. Heavy tears….”We did not know that Merlin had been so ill when we decided for him.”

After the animal had died the couple consulted an animal communicator.

A few months later where the grief still was vivid the animal communicator stated that Merlin had “reincarnated”.

So the couple chose Kavi, a kitten from the animal communicator. He straight walked into the transportbox when they came to pick him up.

Tiffy another cat living in the household at that time was not very pleased to see Kavi. Short after Kavi arrived she had an inflammation of the pancreas. She left the planet.

Pino and Kavi are friends.

The careholder states that her heart connection to Kavi is not as strong compared to Merlin, though Kavi not only slept in her bed but in her hair and was purring loudly. Later his snoring got so loud that she got confused and unjustified accused her husband.

Bevore the trouble of Kavis eye appeared again the couple which had spent a weekend marriage decided to get divorced.

Kavi hates it to be brushed.

He doesn’t allow strangers to touch him. He stays in distance when patience enter the careholders practice which is in the same house than the flat.

It is not possible to persuade him to do anything for food.

Before depositing feces he is restless and meows, afterwards ease.

He is a fussy eater, he is reserved,

He seems to be overwhelmed by Impressions.

After the first three month in the new house he had shown intestinal affections. He shows insecurity when the routine changes.

Once the couple spent their holidays while giving the cats to a privat-pension and when they picked up the animals, Kavi had teary eyes , he has been drinking a lot, and he was extremely hungry. Next day he appeared completely snoty. AB. No reaction. Clinic and gastric tube. No improvement. The careholder travelled every day to the clinique. The AB was changed to a human AB. It slowly improved . (though I felt because of the careholder’s presence?)

A few months later in January 2021 he showed a conjunctivitis, left eye. Smear: Herpes-Virus-Infection . Treatment: . Dexa-Gentamicin und Allercan, Virgan, Floxal.   Slow improvement.

18.8.2020 Repetition right eye.

Meanwhile the husband had moved house and the couple’s divorce-proceedings moved on.

The main concern of the careholder: She fears that Kavi loses his sight. (and her own fears concentrate on the fear not to be able to manage the life-situation)

Both the careholder and Kavi have problems with the right eye

Moderate Vaccinations, according to the careholder reaction o.B.


I decided to start with a chronic remedy as the eye showed no sign of an acute situation. It had been cloudy now since months obviously reducing the capacity to see besides the fuzziness while eating and the obvious problems of the digestive tract.

15.12.2020 Calcium carbonicum C200

Reaction within the first five minutes:

Yawning, cleaning the right side and eye with his paw and licking right paw.

2 days later: Kavi loves to go to the garden again and when his food is being prepared he shows saliva dripping. He is much more relaxed since nobody is touching his eye anymore and he opens up to the careholder again.

Besides this I asked the careholder to see Merlin’s grave and to open up the space for Kavi, being Kavi in this life and nobody else, what she did on the 20.12.2020.

On Christmas day, 26.12.20201 crisis!!!!!

The eye is even more cloudy and the careholder is in panic.

Her ex-husband shows up for breakfast and she is annoyed that her family had invited him for Christmas without her knowing.

It is chilly and unpleasant weather. Kavi does not look happy on the foto I was sent… the vessels are visible creeping towards the center in the eye which I feel happy about …he is extremely lazy, a kind of impartial when the husband sees him resting in her bed.

I try to calm the lady.

Having expected something like that would happen I had asked her bevor Christmas and closed shops to have coreandrinum sativum C200 in the house.

27.12.2021 coriandrum sativum C200

Cats in my understanding often these days are in a syphilitic miasma, not only the normal housecat but especially the pedigrees…

The whole situation felt like an unexpected stroke of fate…Kavis eye and the whole Christmassituation. Kavi and his caretaker in my eyes mirrored themselves, besides this I had in mind the number of remedies which the vet applied without any improvement.

First reaction: Kavi’s appetite is improving. He intensifies the communication with Pino and the careholder, even a little bit bold tipping on Pino’s head with his paw and stealing some food from his friend’s bowl. The following days they enjoy the free time together, though Kavis eye is still very cloudy.


Email from the careholder that she feels that the development of the eye is stagnating. I recommend to give Pino Arnika C200.

In my understanding I felt that it could be plausible that Kavi had a fight with a rather big bird, the careholder had explicitly mentioned the prey in the anamneses and I anticipated that their might have occurred a not cured injury in the cornea by its claw?

First reaction within 5 Minutes: intense cleaning and moments of checking something while turning his head to the left und right.


Kavi shows little red bumps on his chin. This had been bowling up since about one-and-a-half week and now showing a kind of peak as the careholder added.


Kavi had asked for food and then produced diarrhea


Important: His general condition is good and neither the condition of the eye nor the diarrhea seems to bother him…but the cloudiness of the eye deteriorates

I repeat a water dissolution with one globuli Arnika C200 in 250ml water.


Pus in the corner of the eye


Silicea C200

After Kavi cleaned himself he started to play what he had refused the night and quite a while before.

11.1 2021

A tiny white bowl in the center of the cornea appears I give it some time until the 20. January and then decide to give Staphisagria C200…still following my theory that the white spot is a wound as the result of a sharp claw.


The white spot seems to flow away


There are very precise vessels connected now with the rest of the spot and Karvi starts to be fuzzy with his food again…

The acute situation mutes and the chronic is returning. I have to think.


Phosphorus C200

Reaction within the first few minutes:

Kavi narrows his eyes several times then starts extensive cleaning. 15 Minutes later he eats his complete meal what he had not done for days.


The eye continues to clear up again.


Kavi’s eye has completely recovered!!!!!!!

But his fuzziness with food remains.

I decide to follow up with Lycopodium C200 followed weeks later by Pulsatilla both in C200.

Again some weeks later Pino now presented us an acute infection where he needed Baptisia…

Kavi again showed increasing changing symptoms like pulsatilla . being even more fuzzy with his food, etc. . and the careholder signs her post-divorce contracts

22.3.2021 I decide Artemisia abrotanum C200 for Kavi.

Since then he has been fine.

The careholder is long divorced and parallel to the treatment of the cats she assessed to a special offer where two healers and myself teamwork on mindset and energetic methods to deal with entertaining causes on the spiritual-emotional level. We experience this additional work to be most helpful to cover the themes of our client’s fields across time and space and to help them to evolve into a new level of thinking and understanding.

Mai 2021 …all are well and happy . The caretaker had solved a lot of additional issues that had bothered her for a long time including the acute general situation of this special time.

The situation for holistic approaches treating animals in Germany these days is unacceptable and animals like Kavi are restricted to one method which very obviously could not help him.

German legislation has successfully abolished freedom of therapy for animals and has stolen our professional presence, being animal homeopaths in this country. Animals like Kavi have not any longer any chance of consultation from an alternativ therapist.

I myself will continue to provide my knowledge to whom it may concern, especially from abroad though I also continue anamneses as I have found 35 newly authorized homeopathic remedies for animals, produced in Austria which obviously are not covered by the text of the new law. And to be able to prove if I am still within the law I have to analyse the cases first as we do not treat the conventional names of illnesses. We used to treat the individuality and individual state of our clients.

Most cases cannot be covered anymore and I prefer to sent my patients to Switzerland where animal homeopaths still can work within holistic parameters while expanding my own work on spiritual levels and writing.

But in the end the situation is totally annoying for all involved. Even the German Supreme court seems to offer no hope as there are lawsuits pending since October 2021.

About the Author:

image by Weinstock

Jasmin-M. Walker, JG 1958; Classical animal homeopath (animal mundi), Practices since 2007, International Online-Consultations (englisch/deutsch), Supervision, Journalist, Author, Coach, Seminar-lead

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Jasmin-M. Walker

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