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What Are You Looking At? – The Art of Reading Faces

What Are You Looking At? – The Art of Reading Faces



What do you see when you look at a face? When was the last time you really looked? Most of the time the majority of people tend to experience attraction, neutrality, or on occasion dislike. We register faces is approximately 1/17th of a second and research shows we form impressions of others in between 2 and 7 seconds. Much of this is typically based on past experience and expectations stemming from conditioning.

What if you could see each face from a fresh perspective and understand how that face reflects the life story of the individual physically, mentally and emotionally? How much value would it add to your practice and your ability to communicate, build and nurture relationships? The Chinese tradition of Mien Shiang (Face Reading) is at least 3,000 years old. The basic
understanding is that our static facial features reveal a wealth of information about personality, behaviour styles, communication patterns, stress triggers and responses, health issues, family and ancestral issues and more… Each facial feature and area relates to particular organs and body systems, which in turn relate to different aspects of our mental processes and emotions. Each region of the face – and the ears are included in Face Reading – also refers to particular ages, so we can often identify when a problem originated and take a close look at the individual history. Where the allopathic medical model generally regarded mind and body as separate, research in Neuroscience and Epigenetics is proving the inseparable connection between the two. As Caroline Myss said “Our biology becomes our biography”. It becomes easier to have those conversations which take into account feelings and intuitive sensing so often reported by patients before a confirmation via clinical diagnosis.


When we sit in the presence of another, whether on- or offline we are each communicating volumes of information without speaking or moving a muscle. Being able to accurately identify that information opens a door to clearer communication, understanding and treatment. It begins with rapport. The facial features reveal ow each individual best receives, processes and absorbs information and how they communicate. We can see who processes in a primarily linear and logical fashion; who needs to engage via feelings; who needs time; who needs us to speak fast….and a great deal more!


Once we recognize that we tend to view the world through our own prism and past experience etc we realize it limits us in our ability to understand the perspectives of others and thus communicate to greatest effect. Opening our minds to identify those perspectives with genuine curiosity rather than assumptions greatly enhances our ability to treat and demonstrates a greater sense of caring.


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Having learned Face Reading initially as a diagnostic tool I have focused more in recent years on using it as a skillset for communication and relationship building, especially in the business world. I and many other Face Readers have used it extensively in interviews, negotiation and team training in various forms. I bring 40 years of study, training and experience to my presentations and look forward to sharing that experience in ways that add to your skills and understanding in your lives and practice.

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About the Author:

Joseph McGuire

Having trained in London from 1981 to ’85 Joseph began his career as a therapist working as the
primary Shiatsu practitioner and teacher at the Ost West Zentrum in Hamburg in summer ’85..
He gave regular training in both Shiatsu and Mien Shiang/Face Reading in cities and towns
around northern Germany.
On returning to Ireland in late ’88 he developed his practice and presented regular Face Reading
workshops and seminars throughout Ireland. In 1996 he qualified as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist,
and he later trained as a Homeopath in the Burren School, qualifying in 2003. He ran his multimodality
practice until 2015.
Since then he has brought Face Reading into the business world as a profiling and
communication tool, with particular emphasis on senior level interviews, negotiations, and
enhanced communication skills training for teams, including sales. He also works with both
individuals and couples on communication skills for exceptional relationships, professional and
He is the author of ‘Face Facts: The Art of Reading Your Clients and Prospects for Sales,
Negotiation and Recruitment’.



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