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Remedies for acute effects from shock and fear in times of war, danger or terror!

Remedies for acute effects from shock and fear in times of war, danger or terror!

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War is not, just the clash of troops on the battle ground or in urban warfare. It is not just the sound of gun fire, the explosion of tank and missile targets. It is not only the sound of anti air-raid fire, of machine-gun fusillade, of the screeching sounds that tanks make as they move on the paved roads built for cars, lorries, bicycles. War is not only helicopters and airplanes flying above. War is not just soldier facing soldier, fighter facing fighter.

War is, the uncertain look up at the sky, the fearful gaze around the street corner, the hurried walk across the street. It is care to pass glass fronts and doors at a safe distance.

War is the restless sleep, the listening ear, the attentive gaze. It is the gnawing, incessant anxiety and alertness. It is a battleground far from the battle-field, away from troops in combat.

War is the walk past ruins, past empty parks and avenues, across market places that once were, across dusty roads, along empty shops, restaurants cafes and retail stores. War is the search for food supplies, the barter of possessions. It is the building of things, the inventiveness of things. It is the ‘going on with life’ albeit detonations, machine gun fire, plane and helicopters flying overhead.

War is fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt, anger, pain, loss, tears, suspicion and hate.

It’s victor is love!

May love win over everything!

Whether active combat or indirect confrontation to the effects of war, or the exposure to scenes of terror or disaster, the impact on the mind and emotions is likely a traumatic one.

The development of states of anxiety following such events of trauma, stress, worry and fear can be moderated and managed with Homeopathy.

Below is a list of remedies that can help moderate symptoms.


Aconitum napellus: In the event of sudden and very severe onset of shock or anxiety, Aconitum is the first remedy to give. Any event that happens without a warning calls for Aconitum. The individual is tense, anxious, fearful, greatly nervous, worries a lot, feels uneasy is restless, excited and irritable. Sadness and gloom and a feeling of weakness is present. There is a disposition of the individual to want to walk away from the situation or place of anxiety.

There may be a sensitivity to noise, a dislike of communication, or vexation over trifles.

Arnica montana: Arnica is indicated for the effects from shock and mental strain. It is a remedy that can be useful when someone is fearful of and easily frightened by nightmares, and when shocking incidents lead to nightmares. The individual may act gloomy, wants to be left alone, not to be talked to, not to be touched. It is also a remedy for shock that comes from injuries, in particular those to the head. As such Arnica is also a remedy to keep in mind for longer standing complaints related to a shocking, traumatising incident in the past. A person in need of Arnica may pretend to be ‘ok’, while he or she, internally, is not really so.

Gelsemium: Where fright, fear, disturbing news or emotional excitement have caused a shock Gelsemium is the remedy of choice. This individual may display physical ailments as a consequence of such triggers of shock. There may be apathy, drowsiness, dizziness, dullness, lethargy or trembling present. The individual wants to be alone, quiet, can not concentrate, is irritable, sensitive, or depressed. These individuals may become numb, near to paralyzed by the shock.

Opium: Opium has frightful visions with fear, anxiety and uneasiness following a shocking incident. The individual starts easily and is easily excitable. There is inquietude, irritability, and anxiety. In need of this remedy is someone who demonstrates a lack of vitality, is sluggish, delirious. He or she may imagine frightful situations.

Stramonium: This is a remedy for the effects from terror. There is fear and anxiety. The individual is obstinate, choleric, self-willed. He or she, in phases of fury, may be inclined to hit, bite and even kill. This is a mania caused by the shock. The individual may be indifferent to matters at one time; feeling incapacitated at another, and may have the desire to run from it all. He or she cannot be alone or in the dark. He or she needs company in an illuminated environment. There is rage, frenzy, fury, uproar, and violence. The sadness and melancholy of expressed by Stramonium can be tearful and with great anguish. He or she is inconsolable, and trifles irritate much.


Ignatia: The need for this remedy is triggered by grief, bereavement, worry, shock and disappointment. The individual is easily excited, nervous, and may be erratic. There is silent brooding, sadness and melancholy, much sighing and sobbing. These persons swallow their grief when with others and only cry when alone.

Natrium muriaticum: This remedy is one for symptoms following anger, loss, grief, fear and fright. The individual is irritable, tearful, sad, and even hysterical. He or she can get into a rage about trifles, and can be tragically moved about little unimportant things. There is anxiety and anguish concerning the future. The individual prefers solitude to company, is unable to conduct regular intellectual work, is indifferent to his or her surroundings. Patients become tearful, yet attempts of consolation worsen the state.

Potency & Dosage:

In cases of sudden acute shock high potencies are recommended; C200 or 1 M. These potencies need not to be repeated. Should symptoms persist beyond two hours after intake of the remedy, the remedy can be repeated, but the choice of remedy should be re-evaluated and advice from a qualified practitioner or medical support should be sought.

You can download this description as PDF here

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