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Mid-Winter 2022

Editorial – Mid-Winter 2022

Editorial – Mid-Winter 2022

Dear Reader,

Can I ask an indiscreet question? How have your relationships developed throughout the past two years? There are many sad, even tragic stories heard where entire families have been separated, where long standing friendships have broken and shattering accusations have been and are being held.

There have been so many changes in attitude, behavior, comportment, feelings, and emotions among members of families, friends, and in relationships. Many times these are surprising, overwhelming and saddening. Where do you, do we, go with such pain? How do we handle the pain of loosing a friend, of not being united with loved ones, of standing in front of the shards of broken relationships?

Our entire planet is in such pain. Everywhere, around the globe similar scenarios of conflict and loss are playing out. Humanity is stressed, sad, is lacking kindness, love, appreciation, acknowledgment, and most of all acceptance. Who would have thought anything like that was at all possible, that we could all fall out in… fear?

Fear of contact, fear of nearness, of touch, of being together in the same room even. Our world, that was not the ‘kindest’ of place in the universe before fear spread, has become an even unfriendlier, colder place..because of fear. Because of that ‘fear’.

Suddenly, everyone fears everyone. Suddenly, we have ‘enemies’ in long term friends, in nearest family and closest relationships. How is that even possible? Suddenly the fear has separated us, and worse even, has created a battle ground on and of itself. Our warfare is one of words, our combat one of break-up, separation and retreat.

…and what can we do about it, when both sides believe they are right? Will these scars ever mend? Why are we as destructive, to break out in aggression, over fear?…and what do we do with the pain resulting from this fear? Does this ever end and can we ever mend what we are braking now, can we reconcile what becomes ruptured here, can we sooth that pain?

We must find a gentle, mindful and kind way by which we can manage to live together, in the now and in the future. We must let go of fear, and must grow in and with kindness, love, appreciation, acknowledgment, and acceptance.

Respect, understanding and acceptance are first steps to move towards one another. We must make the effort, because we want to live in a ‘livable’ world in the future, in a world that it is worth living in. We can, live in this world without being separated over fear! This is possible!

Until we manage to return to living in a civilized manner we must overcome the fear, the sorrow and pain. If you or your loved ones are needing help to overcome the sadness and the separation of relationships and interactions with others. Please be aware that homeopathic remedies can help to manage and overcome the pain of loss and sorrow.

Homeopathic remedies for sadness from loss and separation are:

*Ignatia: A remedy for sadness that is paired with sobbing and sighing, where there is sorrow, anger, disappointment and indignation. A person needing Ignatia finds it very hard to talk about the situation.

*Natrium muriaticum: This remedy is for the person suffering in silence. There is deep sadness, depression even, and inconsolable feelings of hurt and betrayal, rejection and humiliation. This person ponders long and silently, and feels alone and isolated.

*Phosphoricum Acidum: Here the person feels isolated and takes no interest in his or her nearest environment or the world around. He or she wants to be left alone. Feelings of indifference and apathy are dominant.

*Pulsatilla: Abandonment and the feeling of being forsaken are strong emotions characteristic for this remedy. The state of sadness is one of distress, of weeping, of feeling alone. This person wants, very much so, to be comforted.

*Aurum metallicum: Greatest despair is characteristic for this remedy. There is deep melancholy, utter hopelessness and strong feelings of isolation. The individual is consumed by the grief and sorrow, to the extent, that he or she contemplates ending his or her life.

Visit a homeopath!

He or she can find the best matching remedy for your grief, sorrow and for your fears.

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Wishing you health, harmony and peace.

Best wishes



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