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A case of Hekla Lava using Deep Meditative Case Taking

A case of Hekla Lava using Deep Meditative Case Taking

A 30 years old male patient came with complaints of “Apathy” – a complete loss of interest in daily activities, difficulty in concentration and indifference to work. Patient has left his job for a few months now and is unwilling to start anything new. He was not even looking for new opportunities for work. His family was very concerned. He had lost all ambition and felt depressed.

When we asked what is bothering him the most, he said that he had recently left his job, he doesn’t feel like working any more.

His reason for leaving work may seem silly to someone, but for him it was a big deal.

He says:

“I can’t take domination. My boss kept on saying mean things, I wanted to answer him back”

“I know he is foolish. He can insult me just because I am his employee. I know his kinds from corporates. They insult you and give you money in return”

The patient had big long pauses in between. He would often stare at the walls, think and then carry on.

“I don’t like the difference between rich and poor that is there in this world. So, I don’t want to waste my life working. I don’t think I want to work”

“I can’t take insults”

“It’s like he (his boss) can’t do this work because he is rich. And just because I am poor and he has money, I can’t take everything what he asks me to do!”

“I want to work my way. I don’t like if he pressurizes me to do things as per his mind.”

Tell more about this:

“So, I am not looking for work. I don’t want to work under someone”

“I know I need money, my family can’t survive without it. But, I cant help it. I can’t do anything because I feel it very strongly. And I can’t change what I feel”

“You can say, I am stubborn in my way of thinking.”

Tell us more about you:

“Injustice I can’t see. If I am working somewhere, and if employees there are getting harassed then I can’t see it. I want to do something. Hence, I can’t stay at one place in work”

“If some senior rules me then I can’t take it. I know what he is talking makes no-sense, but because he is senior I can’t say anything. I have to do what he says.. But I don’t say anything”

How does this make you feel, your experience:

I feel very very angry. There is a lot of anger inside me. And if I remove that anger on anybody then it will be too explosive. It’s like a Volcano.

Describe this a little more:

“I don’t like interacting with people. I don’t want to make friends. I can’t do what others say.

So, in my work, I can’t stay in shops, can’t reach on time to my work.

My boss tells me anything I can’t take it.

So, then I don’t want to do anything.

I just keep moving in these circles.


He elaborated,

“I can’t control myself. I get very angry. I have rage within me. I have some storm within me”


“That storm will destroy countries and countries”

The hands are near his chest and they are rising above towards his head.

“Then anger increases. But it doesn’t come out”


“But if it comes out then there will be destruction….It’s like a volcano”

“It’s like tying bomb to my body and there will be destruction and 1000 people will die…

“It’s like something from my body will come out like nuclear weapon. It will blast and everything will be destroyed. There will be a blast”

Long Pause.

“And everything has to start from new.

A new world, a fresh start”.

I try to remove it from different sources- meditation, art, writing.

Here, the patient’s conscious logical mind was coming back again. The absurd unconscious was getting rationalized, hence it is important to encourage the patient to remain with the experience. With the absurdness, which can be often found in the NOW.

What is happening in this moment?

He said, “Fear, as if there is on child who is hiding behind and watching. He wants to do so many things.

This is projection, which is good and can take us further deep.

What is the experience of child?

“He is scared and hidden and watching. He knows he wants to go and correct things. But he can’t do”.

What is the experience in the body?

“Physically everything is shrunken, tight. My upper body has shrunk internally. And its being held very very tightly from inside.

Something which wants to expand, its shrunken inside.

It is under so much pressure internally. How plastic bag is shrunken and when you leave it doesn’t come to its normal size”

Uses the Hand gesture of being shrunken

Give more focus on HG, do it once again and tell what is it ?

“It’s shrinking. It is shrinking internally.”

What is the feeling? give more words?

“It’s shrinking, getting smaller and smaller. In that moment, it starts diverting the energy to different things”.

Stay with this..

“Near my chest I feel there is heaviness and heart is beating fast. Now it’s under pressure and getting small…smaller. Head is starting to shrink. Nerves also. As if there is a stone tied with rope. And the stone is hanging, it’s hanging in-between. It’s not leaving nor is it steady.”

“There is heaviness. Whole weight is there.”

“It’s growing bigger and bigger. And its capacity is tremendous”


“If it’s out then there will be lot of destruction. It can kill and murder anybody, or like I said before destroy the entire country.”

Give more words, to heaviness. What is the experience?

“As if we are sleeping, I am dreaming. My hand is on my chest, its heavy. I know and I can remove it. There is piling up of these things…. I know it has to get out, and if it comes out, it will annihilate the entire country.

I can leave it…but it will find its way out. There is lot of tension and pressure inside. Something elastic is keeping it stretching. And its pulling in other direction.

On the surface its smooth, calm but internally its tight. Everything is captured. Weight is moving. Wants to break free, go up and down but can’t go. There is a barrier…”

Long Pause

“And then slowly it’s becoming liquid.

This tension, this pressure is releasing liquifying. Its liquid.

From the very centre of my chest.

The pressure of the stone is dripping…



It is black in colour.

Very hot, the stone is still hanging, with the threads.

But it is liquifying. And its spreading to the surface and destroying everything.

This liquid, it’s black in colour, maybe reddish and covers the surface of stone.

I can feel it.”


Be with this, trust the process.

“The heat, the melting.

It is shiny. Smooth surface.

The stone is still there but the tightness is releasing, I can feel it releasing.



Wherever it is touching, that part is being destroyed.

It has made all living things into non-living. Destroyed that place completely.

And the whole surface is covered with black ash. Black ash everywhere.

It is all black, there is smoke.”


“And now the liquid has gone, the stone is still there, but it is not heavy.

And there are signs of destruction but there is no more dripping. No more liquid.”

What is the feeling now?

“Feeling of lightness and relaxed. I feel this with meditation. There are some moments, nothingness, there is nothingness”

Tell more?

“On the face there is no tension. My face is happy. I am feeling happy internally.

I am light.

There is garden, butterflies, birds, river, stones of different colour.

The water is clean and there are no humans. Only different types of trees and plants. There are no animals too.

It’s colourful, lot of colours.

Not going anywhere. No coming or going. I am just feeling and I am sitting.

It’s just flowing. Butterflies, I see butterflies.

There is no sadness, only this garden. birds, butterflies.

Unique stones and rocks. Lots of greenery around.

It is stable. Nothing changes. I am just sitting.”

Be with this for some time. Light meditative musing is played and the patient is asked to be in this experience for some more time.

Slowly when the patient opens his eyes, there is a big smile on his face.


Hekla Lava 200 1 dose.


The process was very deep and therapeutic for the patient. In this deep case taking the patient did reach the source and the level of energy.

The main themes that were prominent in the patient were following:

  • Indignation
  • Cannot support injustice.
  • Anger violent. Tremendous intensity of anger.
  • Anger violent, pressurized and build up and explode.
  • Cannot tolerate contradiction.
  • Suddenly exploding and coming out.
  • Heaviness, constriction, pressure
  • Lightness, colours, meditation, flowing

Along with this the patient vividly described the process of lava/volcano.

There is very minimal homeopathic literature available about this remedy. There is one proving conducted by Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus.

Lava and tephra contain large amounts of quartz (SiO2); and it does not come as a surprise that Hekla Lava and Silicea as homoeopathic medicines have a lot in common. The crude substance also contain Silica, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium and also Iron Oxide.

Clinical experience has shown that Hekla Lava has the power to arrest many forms of bone disease, including osteosarcoma, scrofulous and syphilitic osteitis, periostitis , exostoses. It is further used for gum abscess, difficult dentition, rickets, bone-necrosis, fistula after mastoid operation and has a distinctive effect on the jaw-bones. It is a good remedy for swelling of the glands (like Silicea) and for calcaneal spur.

It is also evident from the proving and affinity/affections that Hekla is Syphilitic Remedy.

Like other Syphilitic Remedies it has:

  • Loathing life, lack of ambition and motivation
  • Missing driving force, in combination with lack of capacity;
  • Absentmindedness, confusion, cannot think clearly
  • Depressive, hopeless
  • Aggravation at night
  • Lightning pains
  • Deep bone pains

Also, from this case one could say that Hekla is a combination of themes of

  • Cannabis (Hamamelidae)- heavy, constriction, tightness- light, colors
  • Causticum (sympathetic, strong sense of injustice, lack of ambition)
  • Aurum (despair, hopelessness, antisocial behavior and the desire for being alone)


We did not have the remedy in clinic on the day of case taking. However, since the process in itself was therapeutic the patient was feeling much better even without the remedy for the following 2 weeks. However, the state started coming back and he was still at home not making any major efforts to find a job.

As soon as the remedy was available, the patient was given a single dose. The effect was almost immediate. His mood and sleep improved. The patient started socializing and started going for interviews.

Within 6-8 weeks the patient found a job and had started working. He continued to do very well and still keeps in touch with the clinic.

The patient has provided a beautiful testimony, while it is in Hindi, he describes how the process per se, and the remedy has made significant changes in his life. You can access the same on the below link

About the authors:

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya, MD & Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS, FHPC are a dynamic duo and founders of Healing Harmony: A Homeopathic Holistic Healing Initiative. Their approach is multi-dimensional, and they integrate various therapies like meditation, counselling, diet and yoga along with homeopathy. They also conduct wellness retreats called “Karvaan” to help their clients move from fragments to whole.

Insightful and passionate, this duo comes with over 13 years of practice together at their couple of clinics in Mumbai, India. They practice and teach Classical Homeopathy, Sensation Method and Personal Evolution Method. They regularly conduct workshops on homeopathy, wellness and holism in different colleges, schools, and corporates.

Through their learning platform called “Homeopathy Musings”, they have conducted several webinars and courses, thus mentoring hundreds of homeopaths globally. They are popular in the homeopathic world for their in-depth research methodology, case taking and knack of weaving various methods & presenting them in a clear, practical & engaging way.

Amongst all the seminars they have conducted, the most popular have been their courses on Mammals (Part 1 & Part II) & Molluscs.

They have been invited to present by various prestigious organizations like HOMEOPATHY WORLD COMMUNITY, IHMA, ASHA HOMEOPATHY ACADEMY, DELHI HOMEOPATHY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION etc.

The duo also undertakes a lot of research work. Their meditative proving on Scallop was published in National Journal of Homeopathy (India) recently in September 2021 Edition.

Contact Details:

Healing Harmony Homeopathy & More Clinic

Shop.19, Swami Vivekananda Rd, opposite Alka Vihar Hotel, near New Era Signal, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

Clinic: +91 7304041836




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