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“I will disappear soon“

“I will disappear soon“

(C/o-Chronic depression leads to severe weight loss )

c/o chronic depression, weight loss and insomnia

27 years unmarried girl -37 kg (case taken September 2021)

Patient narration –I don’t feel hungry , there is stress with nausea everyday ,feeling like something stuck in throat ,food smell also irritates me ,lost 9/10 kg in last one year ,in 2 days of variation of food or stress ,worries – there is weight difference if I get tensed I observed weight lost ,I didn’t put on beyond 38 kg since then ,and I am 27 years young girl ? horribly I am losing weight like anything ,,,I cannot eat properly also ,due to sever dental pain I have gone through molar treatment also but tooth pain is constant ,I don’t have good sleep either until 4 am ,tried many mantras ,recipes ,and so on ,and in morning I am having office work so I get tired enough till evening still sleep is not proper hardly I get3-4 hours’ sleep, but that is also not sound sleep ,,I wake up with heavy chest ,palpitations ,weeping without any reasons ,,,some days are very gloomy and some days are neutral ,,,,since 2 years its happening frequently ,took antidepressant but it doesn’t helped me a lot .

Doctor- What is stress? Why this is happening so much with you ?

I had one relationship since 4 years ,but I knew it won’t work out, still I can’t get out from his thinking ,I am trying to accept it as he is having his own life ,but all my efforts will west ,since so many years I am loving him but he didn’t gave me “tag “for any relationship yet ,in between I took one year break from him to think that he is not good guy for my life ,still I think over and over. Problem is I think he used me, there is particular phases ,he comes and we meet ,he pretend that we are in relationship but he never utter anything about it, then he always left without saying anything and comes and he goes this is happening since many years ,I get so much affected but he doesn’t even care

I couldn’t say No to him again he left ,he behaved seriously hard on me ,I loved him so much selflessly I loved him ,without any expectations, but I felt somewhere why I didn’t keep my ego ,Am I having ego ,self-esteem at least for my stand ?I am trapped deep inside. I am having anger on myself that I will go to him again if he calls today ,than I feels I will finish soon ,vanish in ashes like anything ,my legs and hands diminishing without flesh I am looking like skeleton ,when I decide on myself I won’t do it again, but I does it again and again since 4 years this is happening like someone pressing “Pause “button when he is not in my life ,still I am having same feelings everything is same but only he is not present than ,he comes than again its start .I asked him one day why you are doing to me?,he told that I am toxic person my mother also says to me many times that I am poisonous .I make them feel toxic ,is toxicity around me ?and even I don’t know how and why they feel so ? They all treated me like slave and maybe I am one!

I want to stop this all things I wanted to end this, in my mind ,in my mind he should remain as my friend only ,I don’t want bitter feeling about this …now I should move on as my parents forcing me to get married soon ,since 6 years I am ignoring them but now all this should be stop ,but somehow I am not able to overcome from it ,I stuck in big marsh !

Doctor -Why your mother also says toxic?

Ohh, I don’t have good relation with my mother ,she never loved me I don’t like be home also ,so I left home at early age for education ,but I don’t have good bonding with brother ,mother ,relatives ,,every relations are for name sake only ,my mother don’t understands me than whom to blame ,,,she never liked my carrier, cause I choose higher qualification her thinking is like who will marry me ?I know she had gone through so much in her own problems but cause of all chaos in family problems , I left home for my education purpose ,she never took out time for me never taught me any girly things ,never ever cooked any of my favorite dishes when I go to home there is always different kind of treatment ,I learned to come out from my family problems ,but I am not getting out from this guy

I don’t look enough good cause of severe weight loss, I have done all test there is nothing wrong no any disease I have tried to eat good food for weight gain but there is no satisfactory results as I am having everyday nausea, tooth pain sleepless nights and so on,,,,,,no one understands me even I don’t understand my life’s sequence, its become completely mess ,I try to calm down my self ,forcefully I close my eyes but as soon as I close my eyes every single thoughts trapped me in same feelings .

Understanding case – patient is trapped (delusion trapped )in own feelings although there is no commitment from her relationship she is not able to move on ,she feels wretched on her bodily conditions and weight loss (delusion thin getting ) as with stress her weight vary .anxiety and depressions makes her miserable, she wanted someone (mother)should understand her(understood desire to be), she is having enslaved experience and delusions poisoning people she is ,her typical mistake is repeating same did over and over without ego (ego lacks of, delusions ego had lost their –synthesis ),with wretched feeling she is having delusion diminishing/vanish/disappear she will ,she don’t have capacity to disconnect herself –all together similimum is- calx b (burren limestone )

Rubrics selections –

[Complete ] [Mind]Delusions, imaginations:Trapped, he is:

[Complete ] [Mind]Talk, talking, talks:Nothing but:One subject:

[Complete ] [Mind]Anxiety:Nausea:With:

[Complete ] [Mind]Delusions, imaginations:Vanish:She will:

[Complete ] [Mind]Delusions, imaginations:Wretched, she looks, when looking in a mirror:

[Complete ] [Mind]Reproaches:Oneself:

[Complete ] [Mind]Ego, feels lack of:

[Complete ] [Mind]Closing eyes:Agg.:

[Complete ] [Mind]Delusions, imaginations:Thin, is getting:

[Complete ] [Mind]Understood, desires to be:

Similimum –Calx B-(Burren Limestone) first dose given 30 –some percent of anxiety reduced, tooth pain and nausea stopped but no weight gain

On forth visit Calx B-(Burren Limestone)200 given in aqua dose.

Weight gain 2 kg in 10 days –patient gain weight 5 kg in 4.5 months .sleep improved

LimestoneWhat is the particular challenge for people who need Limestone?

It seems the challenge is to experience the feeling of belonging. Limestone people have this sense of oneness that comes from being with nature, with animals. Without ego, simply being.

Yet, in the human world they struggle with feelings of isolation and disconnection, where they may perceive themselves to be estranged from society, trapped, and enslaved. Our little calcium shells dissolving and precipitating, as we are trapped and released.                                              

There are many other manifestations of being trapped and thus released:

Teeth are trapped and released; Teeth, pain, sore bruised, molars
Putrid discharges are trapped and released; Ear, discharges, thick; Ear, discharges, offensive;
Menstrual bloodis trapped and released; Abdomen burning, hot rocks like; Female, mense,painful, dysmenorrhea; Abdomen, pain, torn, loose as if
Mucusis trapped and released; Cough, night, agg, waking from cough; Stomach, vomiting, gen, morning; coughing on

Many limestone statues suffer from severe damage due to acid rain within the remedy profile of limestone is the same theme of somatic solubility and vulnerability abandon themselves and feel they have been abandoned by others

Mind, forsaken
– Mind, estranged, from her family
– Mind, estranged, forgetful of relatives and friends
– Mind, estranged, from society
– Delusion, deserted
– Delusion,  appreciated, not
– Delusion, dirty, is
– Delusion, wretched, she is (when looking in the mirror)

Sensitivity– Horrible things and sad stories, affect her profoundly
– Irritability, disturbance, from any
– Irritability from trifles
– Mind, sensitive, noise to
– Mind, offended easily
– Mind, sensitive, external impressions, to all

Fears- Mind, fear, observed, of her condition being
– Mind, fear, insanity, of losing his reason
– Mind, alone, of being
– Mind, fear, evil
– Mind, fear, happen, something will, terrible, horrible  

Violence– Dreams of America and Africa, and the slave trade
– Delusion injury, inflict on, someone
– Delusion, poisoning people, she is
– Mind, shrieking, anger during


Delusions -Appreciated she is not

Delusions Diminished body diminished is

Delusions Diminished left diminished left side of body is smaller

Delusions Body lighter than air

Delusions Body thin is

Delusions Confusion others will observe her

Delusions Dirty he is

Delusions Disappear she will

Delusions Eating is eating he

Delusions Ego had lost their

Delusions Enlarged body /body parts /head is

Delusions Enslaved he is

Delusions Forsaken is

Delusions Home away from home he is

Delusions poisoning people she is

Delusions Thin he is getting

Delusions Trapped he is

Delusions Waiting is waiting he is

About the Author:

Dr.Vrushali K Pandya

(BHMS ,Diploma in Counselling )

Healers Homeopathic Healing

Dr.Vrushali treated many Chronic Skin Ailments such as Psoriasis, Eczema 

Menstruation disorder like PCOS, PMS, early menopause disorder, Hormonal imbalances, Gastrointestinal disorder like Gastritis, chronic fistula, Piles etc 

Allergic issues such as Rhinitis, Recurrent cold etc and many Psychological cases such as depression, anxiety , suicidal cases ,menopause emotional issues, adolescences (teen aged) behavior problems, concentration and study issues of students ,she is having excellence in Counseling with whole heart and utmost cares ! 

DrVrushali’s Articles published on various platform earlier

1) (sept 20 issues) ;- cured cases of Psoriasis with Homeopathic medicine Sulphur ,published on worlds biggest homeopathic online platform .

2)Experts Insight in Homeopathy(July 20 ) – cured case of Allergic Rhinitis by Homeopathic Medicine Staphysagria , published in Homeopathic Book by Kishore Publication .

3)Clever H .The Mag! Cured case Republished with great honor in autumn journal (October 2020)

4)Clever H.The Mag! Cured case of Chronic Gastritis with Rare Medicine “Asafoetida “Published Winter (Dec 2020 ) 

5)Clever H the Mag !cured case of allergic rhinitis suicidal attempts cured by “Aurum met “published (mid winter 2021)

6)Clever H the Mag!Cured case of OCD –“Cannabis Indica” published(Oct 2021)



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